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light intensity in a sentence

1. Light intensity obeys an inverse-square law.

2. The lower the f-number, the higher light intensity at the focal plane.

3. The body colour can be quite variable, depending on light intensity.

4. One AU is a tenfold reduction in light intensity.

5. Their foraging rhythm depends on the light intensity.

6. The effect is not dependent on the light intensity (photon flux).

7. Oxidative damage is accelerated at high light intensity.

8. Low temperature, shade, and light intensity can inhibit flowering.

9. Absolute values of fading will depend on light intensity.

10. they provide a stable representation of ambient light intensity.

11. Light intensity tends to dim with distance.

12. This variation in color is due to light intensity.

13. The light intensity of the projectors used is 6 Kilowatts.

14. Photosystem II is damaged by light irrespective of light intensity.

15. Organisms want to find an optimum light intensity (isolume).

16. CDOM diminishes light intensity as it penetrates water.

17. The light intensity rises to full magnitude in about 0.1 microsecond.

18. this yields a short increase of light intensity.

19. The lamps maintain output light intensity well over their lifetimes.

20. the visibility of the spotting depends in light intensity.

21. Light intensity affects the rate at which the brood sacs pulsate.

22. Readiness to fly is correlated with light intensity.

23. Foraging behavior relies on light intensity.

24. when illuminated, it decreases as the inverse of the light intensity.

25. Lux is a measurement in light intensity.

26. Flight activity is dependent on the light intensity and temperature;

27. It contained a switch for two different light intensity levels.

28. Only light intensity would be lower.

29. Infection is inhibited by high light intensity and warm temperatures.

30. After 3 to 4 hours the light intensity has lowered to about 300 lux.