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licks in a sentence

1. Lightning Licks", 1976;

2. His Hot Licks).

3. He then licks her face.

4. his Hot Licks and the Pointer Sisters.

5. They may gather at clay licks.

6. I stole all their licks.

7. The song also features guitar licks.

8. [Homer licks the chocolate off;

9. salt licks are also an option.

10. Produced by Juliette and the Licks.

11. Local Licks: Yule Rock!

12. Hot Licks, Cold Steel &

13. The Licks, Name Taken and Classic Case.

14. And the guitar licks seal the deal."

15. He licks her hand—and runs.

16. The name refers to salt licks.

17. Buddy wakes up after Precious licks him.

18. he doesn't play 'standard' licks."

19. Then he licks their blood off his hand.

20. Then he licks a zombie head prop.

21. Then he licks the propmaster himself.

22. I knew all the licks".

23. His Hot Licks, and other artists.

24. Sweet Licks was liked by critics.

25. Jamie licks the lollipop.

26. He licks his friend.

27. Licks my face and tickles my ear.

28. It licks me how he settled the question.

29. Fixed save issue with burnt Salt Licks.

30. 'scratches, licks or dozes off.