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1 This article has explained how to use one of the libraries in a very simple example.
2 What really went wrong is that the compiler needed a separate flag to tell it that /usr/X11R6/lib needed to be in the list of directories to search at runtime for dynamically-linked libraries.
3 Because this brings up not only the files opened by the application but also the Shared libraries and code, it is often worthwhile to filter those out.
4 IBM considers open source code and application frameworks installed by customers, either bundled as part of the application or as Shared libraries, to be part of application code.
5 Microfilms might even take over from the libraries one day.
6 To exploit this, attackers send malformed JSON objects to these libraries so the eval function executes their malicious code.
7 the police going to go into those libraries and rip out the offending page?" he asks.
8 Once again, a commonsense reference to life outside the office suffices: libraries have a rule of silence because it allows people to work.
9 like in some cramped university libraries, motors and wheels mechanically move the shelves with the turn of a dial.
10 Last October, a federal appeals court upheld the dismissal of an Ohio high-school teacher who had asked students to report about books that had been banned from schools and libraries.
11 Then we all wanted to carry our whole music libraries around with us.
12 But the news did conjure quite an interesting mental image: libraries that from now on will look smaller and less crowded.
13 Likewise, if you can focus better in quiet libraries or the privacy of your own room, then you should write there.
14 My view was that to do higher-level stuff, to build complete applications, you first needed to buy, build, or borrow libraries providing appropriate abstractions.
15 All you need to do is include the header files that declare the calls you want to use and (in some cases) link your code with the libraries that implement them.
16 Almost all these treasured works are housed in university and monastery libraries where they are seldom seen by outsiders.
17 If you find yourself thinking: "I can send XML remote calls and use simple libraries to do it?"
18 Every module running on the server will also typically reference libraries or other modules.
19 Perl offers a rich set of modules and libraries for the XML developer, rivaling that of any other language.
20 There are a number of charting libraries available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.
21 Since reference counting is so simple, most programmers implement it themselves rather than using libraries.
22 One of the first areas you will see us invest is in native libraries.
23 He may even have been a monk, for monks are known to have revered Gnostic texts and kept them in their libraries.
24 Unison published a five-point plan calling for extra spending and more support from communities to save their local libraries.
25 If there were only the one program, a worthwhile approach would be to scour the application, its dynamically linked libraries, and the kernel sources.
26 This is actually something I heard at a digital marketing conference I got a chance to attend last month, but I think it applies great to libraries and social media.
27 If you plan on developing the application on one operating system and deploying it to a different one, you need both versions of the libraries.
28 I hope you've been able to see in more detail how Shared libraries occupy memory and the utilities used to examine them.
29 Libraries are an essential part of this process, providing the only access for those who do not have the resources to purchase or access books and information on their own.
30 If these libraries are not yet part of your template image, you must install them now.