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1 But Cate says these are empty words, because Congress created a privacy and civil liberties oversight board years ago that has yet to be seated.
2 It blends patent law, medical science, breast cancer activism and an unusual civil liberties argument in ways that could make it a landmark case.
3 I think that we have to be concerned about losing our liberties.
4 The American Civil Liberties Union challenged the law, among the strictest in the country, on behalf of Martin Gill and his male partner, who adopted two young brothers from foster care.
5 We are A-level politics students who have been studying civil liberties as part of the curriculum for the last two years.
6 This portability will give you those liberties we talked about in the first column.
7 Unusually for the Tories, there is talk of increasing civil liberties and imprisoning fewer people; and in another SOP to the Liberals, Britons next year will vote on a change to their voting system.
8 Limbaugh frequently infuriates me—not because of what he believes, but because he takes such enormous liberties with the truth and uses language that seems designed to inflame, not enlighten.
9 But it is unlikely that the turnout will match the hundreds of thousands who protested in 2003 against proposed restrictions on civil liberties.
10 From Gettysburg to Kandahar, America's sons and daughters have served with honor and distinction, securing our liberties and laying a foundation for lasting peace.
11 But even those serving up the lentils — the local farmers and artisans of Montaillou — appreciated those same liberties.
12 The British Library’s first discussion of the New Year Taking Liberties series was entitled ‘Can we save the planet yet keep our freedoms?
13 It was one of the few liberties," said Schumacher, who is from Dortmund in the west.
14 Those statistics, combined with strong improvements in business climate and the democratic process, civil liberties and freedom of the press, indicate Ghana may be able to halve poverty before 2015.
15 As a primer on the affair, this is a first-rate narrative and a heartfelt plea to modern democracies to stick to their values and defend basic liberties, however threatened they feel.
16 In his latest book, the professor of philosophy at London's Birkbeck College deploys all his polemical powers to show that there has been no let-up in the erosion of hard-won civil liberties.
17 Plenty of countries that make a show of giving their citizens the vote will nevertheless brazenly deprive them of civil liberties, press freedom and the rule of law.
18 But at least in the show (which is taking it's own liberties), you see people (like Shane) covering their mouthes when all hell broke loose.
19 Moran was born about 1794 off Black Pitts, in the Liberties of Dublin, in Faddle Alley.
20 He attributes liberties Nyiregyhazi took with the music to a true Romantic sensibility.
21 We won't have the popular support to craft a foreign policy that meets the challenges of globalization or terrorism without resorting to isolationism or eroding civil liberties.
22 In his inaugural speech, he said that Russia's success was impossible without economic and civil liberties.
23 Civil liberties are not just an ornament, or a quaint American tradition.
24 And to make matters worse, government has grown too large and too bold. It routinely tramples on our property and our liberties.
25 Christopher A. Hansen, senior national staff counsel for the civil liberties union, said the problem was with the Patent Office, not the company.
26 program, which involves surveillance of terror suspects without a court warrant, triggered widespread protests and at least 40 lawsuits alleging violations of civil liberties.
27 This grants them greater civil liberties, more legal entitlements and - some would say, most importantly - the respect of the Shanghainese.
28 Regarding duties as an unjust aggression upon their ancient liberties, made no scruple to elude them whenever it was possible to do so.
29 But Bush was also putting a new emphasis on covert operations, which has raised fresh concerns about civil liberties.
30 Come off it, they say, it's all a bit of fun, and no one in their right mind confuses British monarchical grandeur with a threat to liberties.