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1 The libertarian streak of the Austrians still has its fans.
2 It sure seems suspiciously like a "tidy timeline of progress," tinged with a little libertarian cynicism.
3 As a youngster I never even thought about being a college professor or libertarian.
4 She will be reliant on a pact with the right-wing Libertarian Movement, whose leader, Otto Guevara, won 21% of the vote in this year’s presidential election, compared with just 2% in 2002.
5 In any event, reshuffles on the Tory front-bench have left it looking a bit less libertarian than it did a couple of years ago, and the party's rank and file are as crusty as ever.
6 Paul ran for President on the Libertarian ticket, bashing Ronald Reagan forletting deficits get out of control, but finished with just 0.5% of the vote.
7 Ron Paul, a Texan libertarian, has argued that it puts America at a competitive disadvantage.
8 Ron Paul, a libertarian from Texas, is only too happy to challenge party dogmas, such as reflexive support of Israel.
9 To persuade those who do not accept the libertarian argument for legalisation, supporters have emphasised two other lines of reasoning.
10 Duewel says Ron Paul represents libertarian ideals of small government and non-intervention in foreign affairs that appeal to many young people.
11 agreeing with the great libertarian, Friedrich von Hayek, that the dispersion of information was at the heart of the failure of planning, Mr Hurwicz saw that it went deeper than that.
12 Colorado has a number of libertarian anti-tax laws and spending restrictions that make it difficult for state funding to recover after a downturn.
13 But a new report from the Institute for Justice, a libertarian group, reveals that 36 states also impose restrictions on "grassroots lobbying", meaning people like Mrs Murakami.
14 But many Conservative MPs are convinced, probably rightly, that Mr Cameron would have fought harder against them were he not having to keep Mr Clegg's libertarian, Europhile party on side.
15 But that runs against the deeply held libertarian ethos of the Internet.
16 we've looked at the libertarian answer.
17 But he, like his father, also knows well that a genuine libertarian impulse is astir in America.
18 Mr Paul is a staunch libertarian and, until recently, a Republican presidential candidate.
19 A LIFELONG libertarian, Alan Greenspan does not ordinarily advocate giving the government more power.
20 After all, the libertarian purists who loved Ron Paul’s dissidenttruth-telling are not natural allies of the Limbaugh Dittoheads who dismissedhim as an eccentric.
21 Remember what I said is - the key feature of a libertarian view is that you should be free to do what you want provided you don't prevent other people from doing the same thing.
22 Internet went mainstream in the late 1990s, libertarian thinkers argued that cyberspace was a distinct place calling for laws and legal institutions of its own.
23 straightforward, stark, andmagnificently libertarian answer of Dr. Quesnay.
24 Libertarian philosopher Robert Nozick makes the case that taxing the wealthy — to pay for housing, health care, and education for the poor — is a form of coercion.
25 Nat Hentoff, a journalist and civil libertarian, says that “under such circumstances even Mother Teresa would look extremely suspicious, especially if her hands were cuffed behind her back.”
26 Sandel introduces Robert Nozick, a libertarian philosopher, who argues that individuals have the fundamental right to choose how they want to live their own lives.
27 by such hubris, a libertarian scholar called Gene Healy wrote “The Cult of the Presidency”, a book decrying the unrealistic expectations Americans have of their presidents.
28 produced an unexpected result: Ron Paul, the Texas libertarian, came top with 31% of the 2,395 votes cast.
29 Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank, gave him a "d" grade for fiscal policy.
30 Koch brothers, two libertarian tycoons from Kansas, back libertarian ones.