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No. sentence
1 mood was jubilant last week as the Burundi government signed a ceasefire deal with its last remaining rebel group, the National Liberation Forces (FNL).
2 We firmly support the Asian, African and Latin American people in their struggle for liberation!
3 Vietnamese party, government and people sincerely appreciate and will never forget China's precious support and disinterested help in Vietnam's national liberation and construction, Trong said.
4 We recommend that you read this book and also the book, Animal Liberation.
5 But the euphoria of liberation, already dissipated, will not return: that was a moment only.
6 Moreover, that number could grow, since the tobacco industry is spending heavily on advertisements that target women and associate tobacco use with beauty and liberation.
7 The author in sympathizes with them the destiny, pays attention to their life some at the same time, also has made the deep level exploration for them liberation path.
8 Before liberation, China's highest annual output of steel was only just over 900,000 tons.
9 By finding the courage to learn to read and write, Hanna had advance from dependence to independence, a step towards liberation.
10 hot blush of liberation, a dazzled sense of infinite possibility swelling millions of happy breasts is a precious thing of terrible, unfathomable beauty, and it won't come to these people again.
11 The twixters aren't lazy, the argument goes, they're reaping the fruit of decades of American affluence and social liberation.
12 with most African liberation movements, history has only one telling.
13 Before liberation he subsisted on wild potatoes.
14 Hamas "honours" all previous agreements of the Palestine Liberation Organisation [with Israel], which include recognition, provided the other side abides by all its reciprocal promises.
15 When Victor Huet's son Gaston trudged 200 miles back to Vouvray, France, after the WWII liberation, he found his father's vineyard in devastation.
16 He welcomes me and expresses his hope that my work will contribute to the liberation of Papua.
17 Would the compact countries push to distance themselves from the us and would China bring up the issue of 'liberation' or 'independence' for territories such as Guam and the Mariana islands?
18 Pursuing the liberation and the free development of human beings are the aim of Marxs r.
19 But this new song is not simply a song of celebration of the liberation, deliverance and restoration that the psalmist had experienced.
20 But what if we intervene on behalf of gene expression by controlling the formation and liberation of free radicals in the body?
21 The terrible events surrounding us must be lived as ways to make us ready for our final liberation.
22 SOON after the liberation of Tripoli, the Libyan capital, this correspondent met a woman sporting a niqab, or face veil, along with a floor-length black dress and black gloves.
23 The director also said the hijackers claimed to belong to a faction of the Sudan Liberation Movement rebel group headed by Abdul Wahid al-Nur, who currently lives in Paris.
24 Story of Liberation.
25 With a sense of exquisite liberation, I awoke.
26 What we need now is not a theology of liberation, although the struggle is not over yet,” Morero said.
27 I put this down to the sense of liberation I felt being reflected in my body language, and soon I felt completely at ease with my co-workers.
28 The always fractured return to normal life is in fact the essence of a successful liberation.
29 Song of liberation or hate?
30 This is liberation ecology.