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1 How do you reconcile this choice with liberalism?
2 Hobhouse attempted to reconstruct the basic principles of liberalism so as to show that they are in fact compatible with the notion of an active "civic state".
3 belief in compromise, tolerance and kindness underpinned his liberalism.
4 This raises a question. Whether the relation between contemporary political science and liberalism is merely accidental or whether there is some intrinsic some necessary connection between them.
5 top of that, religious liberalism, humanism, evangelical compromise, and ignorance of the Scriptures have all worked against a right understanding of who God is.
6 second follows in part from the first: Canada remains a country that the Liberals can recognise perfectly well, with big government and social liberalism largely intact.
7 This is not a debate with liberalism, he says, explaining that the new left draws on a variety of intellectual resources including the liberal tradition.
8 It accompanied the triumphal unprecedented progress of Western liberalism ready to unite all nations into a community of free nations peacefully cooperating with one another.
9 principal beliefs of the university introduced back then were based on Pioneering Spirit cultivating an international appreciation, Liberalism, and Applied Learning.
10 But if we can regain that belief in the power of ideas which was the mark of liberalism at its best, the battle is not lost.
11 The moral weight of Karl Marx’s criticisms of 19th-century capitalism even won him praise from the high priest of Western liberalism, Karl Popper, a Viennese-born philosopher who emigrated to London.
12 So it remained through the early decades of the Kingdom of Italy when patron-client relations underlaid a facade of parliamentary liberalism.
13 The great ideal of the age of classical liberalism was liberty, the freedom to make the plans for one's own life.
14 For now, though, people who want to practise economic liberalism are advised to do so in private.
15 Czechoslovakia was essentially a fraud, she argues, both in its composition and its reputation for liberalism.
16 This is both truer to liberalism, which places the individual at the heart of things, and likelier to provide the economic flexibility that globalisation rewards.
17 If you want to defend liberalism, then defend it, but why conflate your love for certain values with love for a certain country?
18 Afghanistan and Pakistan are where liberalism goes to die.
19 No one with an open mind, however, can come away from "The Future of Liberalism" treating "liberal" as a term of abuse.
20 Whether it now marks a new, sustained era of American liberalism of the sort which followed the election of 1932 must remain to be seen.
21 Art of Theory: you mentioned your dissertation, which became Liberalism and the Limits of Justice.
22 Maybe so, but as an apostate from liberalism Mr Mamet has simply embraced a new religion-with all the excessive zeal of the recent convert.
23 most of these campaigns the dissenters have argued that the American scientific establishment is tainted with an anti-corporate liberalism and is trying to impose socialism by the back door.
24 The administration’s nervousness about old-fashioned liberalism has contributed to its hesitancy in dealing with the banking crisis.
25 of Dutch tolerance may have faded in recent years, but the country still cherishes its social liberalism.
26 For a grand bargain to work, the politicians would have to admit that it existed, and that they had willingly signed up to a balance of liberalism with safety nets.
27 Mr Sarkozy may simply be pandering to popular distaste but this does seem to reflect a limited sympathy for economic liberalism.
28 His whole system is one of radical liberalism.
29 It is a succinct and eloquent defense of the basic philosophical principles of liberalism.
30 European project has long had at its heart a tension between an economic liberalism that favours openness to the world and an economic nationalism that prefers a fortress.