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1 Most loci individually explain less than 1% of cases of autism.
2 Due to planetary differentiation, the core region is believed to be primarily composed of iron (88.8%), with smaller amounts of nickel (5.8%), sulfur (4.5%), and less than 1% trace elements.
3 As of 2008 the U.S. Department of State estimates the Muslim population at 80,000–90,000, less than 1% of the population, while the Islamic Community of Angola puts the figure closer to 500,000.
4 Before 1900 American Jews had always amounted to less than 1% of America's total population, but by 1930 Jews formed about 3.5%. This increase, combined with the upward social mobility of some Jews, contributed to a resurgence of antisemitism.
5 The melting and gelling temperatures may be dependent on the concentration of the gel, particularly at low gel concentration of less than 1%. The gelling and melting temperatures are therefore given at a specified agarose concentration.
6 The concentration of the first hydrolysis product, [Be(H2O)3(OH)], is less than 1% of the beryllium concentration.
7 The next largest segment is payroll taxes, which account for a further 16%. Property taxes account for less than 1% of revenue.
8 E-glass is alumino-borosilicate glass with less than 1% w/w alkali oxides, mainly used for glass-reinforced plastics.
9 However, blackjack players using basic strategy will lose less than 1% of their total wagered amount with average luck, which is a substantially lower house edge than most other casino games.
10 Altogether the British Museum showcases on public display less than 1% of its entire collection, approximately 50,000 items.
11 The best abundance estimate for Antarctic blue whales is 2,280 individuals (CV=0.36) based on the International Whaling Commission International Decade of Cetacean Research and the Southern Ocean Whale Ecosystem Research (SOWER) annual summer surveys from 1991/92 through 2003/04, which covered 99.7% of the area between the pack ice and 60° S.> The population is estimated to be increasing, at a rate of 7.3% per year (95% CI=1.4–11.6%) but the most recent abundance estimate is less than 1% of pre-exploitation levels, although if population growth has continued at 7.3% per year, there may now be as many as 10,000 individuals.
12 This is very rare and happens in less than 1% of congenital heart disease cases.
13 With less than 1% of the total population holding a bank account, access to financial services is extremely limited in the CAR.
14 However, they represent less than 1% of the population.
15 Another 1% is composed of ethnic Chinese, and less than 1% are Middle Easterners, mainly of Lebanese descent but also Palestinians.
16 The country is inhabited mostly by Croats (89.6%), while minorities include Serbs (4.5%), and 21 other ethnicities (less than 1% each) recognised by the constitution.
17 Croatia is inhabited mostly by Croats (89.6%), while minorities include Serbs (4.5%) and 21 other ethnicities (less than 1% each) recognised by the Constitution of Croatia.
18 Croatia is inhabited mostly by Croats (90.4%), while minorities include Serbs (4.36%), and 21 other ethnicities (less than 1% each).
19 An EU study determined that "87% of cases were sporadic, 8% genetic, 5% iatrogenic and less than 1% variant."
20 The other four natural isotopes, Ca, Ca, Ca, and Ca, are significantly rarer, each comprising less than 1% of all natural calcium.
21 Because these pigments are potentially toxic, users should use a barrier cream on the hands to prevent absorption through the skin even though the amount of cadmium absorbed into the body through the skin is reported to be less than 1%. In PVC, cadmium was used as heat, light, and weathering stabilizers.
22 According to American entertainment magnate Master P, entertainers and professional athletes make up less than 1% of all millionaires in the entire world.
23 Less than 1% of all runway models are known to make more than US$1000 for every fashion showcase.
24 Several months later, when Ceres should have reappeared, Piazzi could not locate it: the mathematical tools of the time were not able to extrapolate a position from such a scant amount of data—three degrees represent less than 1% of the total orbit.
25 The volume fraction of these microscopic pores had to be less than 1% for high-quality optical transmission.
26 Typical emissions from CANDU plants in Canada are less than 1% of the national regulatory limit, which is based on International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) guidelines (for example, the maximal permitted drinking-water concentration for tritium in Canada, 7,000 Bq/L, corresponds to 1/10 of the ICRP's dose limit for members of the public).
27 If people with cholera are treated quickly and properly, the mortality rate is less than 1%; however, with untreated cholera, the mortality rate rises to 50–60%. For certain genetic strains of cholera, such as the one present during the 2010 epidemic in Haiti and the 2004 outbreak in India, death can occur within two hours of becoming ill.
28 Less than 1% of the Earth's fresh water supplies are accessible through surface water and underground sources which are cost effective to retrieve.
29 Other minority candidates, which included former Attorney General Guillermo Moreno from the Movement for Independence, Unity and Change (Spanish: Movimiento Independencia, Unidad y Cambio (MIUCA)), and PRSC former presidential candidate and defector Eduardo Estrella, obtained less than 1% of the vote.
30 In Sweden, however, less than 1% have regular jobs.