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No. sentence
1 Liu Bei, the founder of Shu kingdom, and his two sworn brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei are good guys who unite to revive the legitimate throne of the Eastern han Dynasty.
2 This is still a huge question for us when we think about nation building and building new states, how to create a legitimate authority.
3 Modest controls may be legitimate in the first case, but not the second, he says.
4 One useful change would be for regulators to make it clear to trustees of foundations and pension funds that “social-impact investments” are a legitimate asset class, says Sir Ronald.
5 I don't think it's just whining,' said one person at a Wall Street firm. 'There are legitimate liquidity issues that people have.'
6 In one interview through his lawyers he said: "I respect Dmitry Medvedev as Russia's legitimate President, although his political views are not completely clear to me."
7 Often, as in this case, there is no intentional hoaxing: it is a legitimate, straightforward photograph of something curious.
8 It depends on whether he is engaged in legitimate action.
9 Terror and rockets do not merely kill innocent civilians, they also kill the legitimate hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people," Cheney said.
10 For example, a hacker can enter in the guise of a privileged user with administrative access controls and perform malicious activities that a legitimate system administrator did not initially notice.
11 They can be accomplished simply by a president exercising his legitimate authority to set priorities for the executive branch.
12 Rather, it depends on the existence of a legitimate framework of laws and institutions than can provide continuity even in the aftermath of an enormous body blow.
13 The stores have all the hallmarks of a legitimate Apple outlet - complete with glossy hardwood tables and minimalist staircases - except they're not actually owned by Apple.
14 Trading partners should receive vulnerability and legitimate usage information in a timely manner with very little or no interruptions.
15 unwise attempt by the Danish presidency to impose a non-legitimate meeting to override the legitimate multilateral process was the reason why Copenhagen will be considered a disaster.
16 Not illicit, hacky apps like people have been writing so far, but authorized, tested, legitimate software, much of it free, that can tap into all the features of the iPhone.
17 Look at every transaction to make sure the charges are legitimate.
18 Several hours later, Adil said the officers' attitude towards him changed. Adil believes this is because they had confirmed he was a legitimate student.
19 Russia sees the émigré Chechen leadership, for example, as legitimate targets and has killed them in places such as Qatar, to the fury of the local authorities.
20 We are witnessing a change in the nature of conflict, with a multiplicity of armed groups – some of whom view humanitarians as legitimate targets.
21 invasions of the western imperialism powers shaked the legitimate foundation of this system.
22 You have to devote internal resources to verify that third parties using your platform are viable and legitimate.
23 Zooplankton on the whole are pretty small," Dewar concedes. "Because of that, there are some legitimate concerns about how effectively they can mix [layers of] water."
24 Protecting moral people from external evils and upholding the moral order (legitimate authority).
25 President Obama said Pyongyang's history of threatening its neighbors and proliferating nuclear technology means it should not be recognized as a legitimate nuclear power.
26 Intel's pricing and rebate policies are legitimate, pro-consumer business practices in a vibrant market setting," he said.
27 If you ask your boss for leave of absence from the office on some legitimate occasion, his love of power will derive more satisfaction from a refusal than from a consent.
28 We thought she chose wisely not to eat the wings, but this is probably not a legitimate personal injury claim.
29 Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for working in an office, but often those barriers have other solutions you just haven't explored yet.
30 When people lived their lives with compassion for animals in their hearts, we were loved and appreciated as legitimate and rightful neighbors on this planet.