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legitimacy in a sentence

121. To deal with him would be to give legitimacy to the rebellion.

122. Without the legitimacy of religion, trial by ordeal collapsed.

123. Wang's death dispelled what little legitimacy the regime had.

124. That year marked the pinnacle of Mobutu's legitimacy and power.

125. his successors used his legacy to establish their legitimacy.

126. The king holds the highest political authority and legitimacy.

127. Historically, the school's legitimacy was not always accepted.

128. The Jets' win gave the AFL instant legitimacy even to skeptics.

129. as such, past policies are accepted as having some legitimacy.

130. Its legitimacy could only come from benevolent public service.

131. Ardashir's khvarenah status shows the legitimacy of his reign.

132. Consent thus obtained undermines the legitimacy of government.

133. The king never seemed to lack challenges to his "legitimacy".

134. This gave him the legitimacy he needed for his future politics.

135. The legitimacy of the new constitution is still controversial.

136. A lawsuit was filed, questioning the legitimacy of the League.

137. they questioned the legitimacy of Spanish rule in the Americas.

138. Hershberger added an academic legitimacy to Mennonite thought.

139. Era names were symbols of political orthodoxy and legitimacy.

140. With this title Taddeo obtained the legitimacy to his office.

141. Positive law regards law from the position of its legitimacy.

142. and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition".

143. African leaders earn legitimacy through Chinese partnerships.

144. Initially, the Bank of North Dakota struggled for legitimacy.

145. Furthermore, Hamas denies the legitimacy of the Oslo I Accord.

146. To maximize legitimacy, such jobs should go to an "outsider".

147. In 1990, the question of constitutional legitimacy was raised.

148. Many questioned the legitimacy of the Sultan's rise to power.

149. I once again deny the legitimacy of the phone interceptions.

150. Xianfang, faster, respectively, how to judge the legitimacy?