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1 Nonetheles, the interview highlights how deluded the President has become: "the first component of popular legitimacy is your personal life.".. I live a normal life.
2 Therefore, the integrity, legitimacy, survival and effectiveness of this Organization depend on you all.
3 It will unleash a cascade of innovation and productivity gains. And provide capitalism with the popular legitimacy it clearly needs.
4 It isn't just that the regime loses its legitimacy: its exercise of power is now perceived as a panic reaction, a gesture of impotence.
5 The World Trade Organisation will rapidly wither as a negotiating forum for new rules; it may eventually lose its legitimacy as an arbiter of trade disputes, whereby the old rules are upheld.
6 In northern minds, destabilising the south and mucking up the referendum would undermine the legitimacy of any putative new country.
7 Together they would have the legitimacy and the clout to tackle almost any issue.
8 Martyrs' Memorial was built as a rebuke and warning to Oxford theologians such as John Henry Newman, as they questioned the legitimacy of the Church of England's split from Rome.
9 It has called for the run-off, whose legitimacy it sees as already "severely compromised", to be suspended in favour of negotiations.
10 Consensus provides a legitimacy for the results, we are talking here of a very complex thing, climate.
11 He remained defiant throughout, refusing to recognise the legitimacy of the court and walking out after only a brief attendance.
12 A SADC tribunal ruled last year that the seizures were illegal, but Zimbabwe’s government now refuses to recognise the tribunal’s legitimacy.
13 Europeans should learn from the woes of 2010 and use them to produce momentum and legitimacy for deeper integration.
14 Nonetheles, the interview highlights how deluded the President has become: "the first component of popular legitimacy is your personal life... I live a normal life."
15 Iraq and Afghanistan were lessons in the impotence of force without legitimacy.
16 This legitimacy depends on a social contract that treats the population as citizens rather than subjects, and has as its primary goal the economic and social advancement of society.
17 But its legitimacy depended on the charisma of King Bhumibol and the stealth of his courtiers.
18 Mr Abhisit lacks both influence and legitimacy. To earn both, he will need to face the voters.
19 Yet this, he recognises, is precisely what gives the system its legitimacy.
20 He continues to cite the article as evidence of his legitimacy.
21 In fact, it has no choice: if history, by unfolding unpredictably, were allowed to demonstrate that ideology is wrong, it would deprive power of its legitimacy.
22 But if they go broke before they can get rid of the colonel, it could undermine their legitimacy.
23 markets have demonstrated, Europe must change: "There has to be a balance between legitimacy and effectiveness."
24 I will strengthen the legitimacy, quality, and efficiency of our policy development processes.
25 Yet these situations require looking beyond the analytics of development to a different framework of building security, legitimacy, governance, and the economy.
26 Legitimacy of government also matters.
27 in some cases, an expanded council would even introduce new legitimacy problems.
28 Today, if the bad bank pays above the fair-market value, it would raise the cost to taxpayers, imperil its political legitimacy, and deprive the market of badly needed transparency.
29 Expanding the Council Would Increase Its Legitimacy.
30 Yet none of this will solve the parliament's central problem: its lack of legitimacy among Europe's voters.