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legislate in a sentence

1. For the most part the islands legislate for themselves.

2. They can legislate sin.

3. It has the power to legislate on matters on the concurrent list.

4. It enables the Assembly to legislate within its devolved fields.

5. Thus, like Congress, they legislate;

6. Montana became the last state to legislate the licensing in 1947.

7. that their power to legislate should be taken away;

8. They emphasized the right to legislate belongs to God alone;

9. Many countries legislate to control emissions.

10. Congress has the sole power to legislate for the United States.

11. On this basis, Parliament can legislate on marriage and divorce.

12. 67.9% said it was urgent to legislate on the matter.

13. SEZs local congress and government have authority to legislate.

14. If not, then the legislature cannot legislate indirectly.

15. it pertains to the State to legislate for all other donations.

16. The United Assembly can legislate by ordinance.

17. Westminster may still legislate on any Northern Ireland matter.

18. It means that it has the power to legislate on any subject;

19. We don't legislate in the courts."

20. Its two chambers legislate.

21. Crabb supported proposals to legislate for same-sex marriage;

22. It enables the Assembly to legislate within its devolved fields.

23. Its two chambers legislate.

24. The Parliament's power to legislate in respect of Jammu &

25. 51 (i.), and of the States to legislate under sec.

26. Also, only parliaments, not cities, have the power to legislate.

27. Representatives met annually at fort Onondaga to legislate.

28. 2) Legislate to meet WHO air pollution guidelines.

29. The party wants to legislate to provide them protection.

30. People legislate continually by means of talk.