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1 In the US, where they have carried out a number of fatal attacks on children, hybrids are banned in some states and in others are only legal once they are five generations removed from wolves.
2 The above practice means the creation of packages in PROD environment is usually not desired as it could also circumvent verification processes and approvals tied to legal subjects.
3 later invested in the free-to-air Hong Kong broadcaster Asia Television (ATV), but that deal led to a drawn out legal dispute with the channel's former majority shareholder Payson cha Mou-sing.
4 of these media have legal protection under copyright law.
5 advertisement publisher" refers to a legal person or an economic organization that publishes ads for advertisers or for advertising agents entrusted by advertisers.
6 Some election lawyers said that the decision, if upheld, could lead to the collapse of all legal limits on campaign donations, whether from corporations or individuals.
7 It provides a framework to engage the human resources and legal departments in defining a social media policy.
8 Carreon says her husband often called her names, ridiculed her weight and legal status, said she was crazy, and destroyed or trashed her personal belongings.
9 A previous legal decision, protecting a number of walls and fences at the site, means that it will be difficult and perhaps impossible for the council to return the site to greenbelt status.
10 Bork was extremely conservative in his legal philosophy, aggressive in pushing his point of view, but fair to students who disagreed.
11 No unit or person may illegally restrict or exclude legal persons or other organizations from other areas or systems to take part in bidding or interfere in tender and bid activities in any form.
12 Legal institutions and the cable TV culture dampen enthusiasm by punishing failure so remorselessly.
13 Be careful to replace data with legal XML characters rather than random bytes, because even a hundred bytes of random data is almost certain to be malformed.
14 This business is not totally legal," he said.
15 Money Laundering" is the introduction of illegally gained assets into the legal financial system with the aim of concealing or disguising their true origin.
16 personality of citizens shall be protected by law, and the use of insults, libel or other means to damage the reputation of citizens or legal persons shall be prohibited.
17 The third chapter envisages the development trend of the legal form of organization of Chinese investment funds.
18 He would have a legal lecture this time.
19 I said at the time that this action was necessary, legal and right and I still believe that today.
20 But he was more forgiving than many, saying that we may have to look beyond our anger at the crooks, legal and otherwise, who got us into this mess.
21 So he's imitating Roman official legal and political government structures by having regional bishops presiding over a plurality of priests who then are also over a plurality of deacons.
22 Most of what happened over the past decade across the world was legal.
23 Mango is distributed as proprietary software and hence Microsoft has the legal rights to make any changes to the operating system.
24 What would you pay for legal title to an acre of the moon?
25 of Lady Chatterley as a test-case was inept, but it suited the anti-intellectual temper of the legal establishment and it would mean the defeat of an impeccably liberal cause.
26 If the consequences of failure entail not just legal bankruptcy but also personal ruin, the venture capital model will not get off the ground.
27 You often have to be able to work with people without the protection of legal contracts.
28 But with threats, a language barrier and fear of the legal system, victims are often unwilling or unable to seek help.
29 They thought these groups would be weakened and eventually would come back into the legal fold and surrender their weapons.
30 Your attorney should be able to speak to you in plain English, but there are still legal terms involved.