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leftists in a sentence

121. In 1989 the leftists who had bolted the PRI formed the Party of the Democratic Revolution.

122. By July 1933, radio station staffs were purged of leftists and others deemed undesirable.

123. The Prague Spring deepened the disillusionment of many Western leftists with Soviet views.

124. Public support for the monarchy among democrats and leftists before 1981 had been limited;

125. but many labor figures and leftists – including Langston Hughes – supported Du Bois.

126. Some leftists have joined the criticism of labour actions during the Winter of Discontent.

127. The remains were left lying as a warning to other Leftists to follow Chiang or perish.

128. With the death of Khomeini (one of the supporters of leftists), leftists were weakened.

129. Divisions began to emerge in the Republican movement between leftists and conservatives.

130. The RCL(I) defended various violent actions by New Leftists in the late 1960s and 1970s.

131. In 1957, the CPP and other leftists created the National Awami Party as a legal party.

132. Some academic leftists have also criticized Davis's focus on modern urban structures.

133. On 2 February 1963, the ISC launched a crackdown against leftists and their supports.

134. Sangaree, like many other Tamil leftists, became disillusioned with the leftist parties.

135. New Times was an intellectual movement among leftists in Great Britain in the late 1980s.

136. The website has been criticized for including leftists on the same list as Islamists.

137. The leftists, led by Afzal Bangash, then decided to leave the NAP and establish the MKP.

138. Leftists who were the victims of the attack have blamed the landed barons and the Mafia;

139. For the leftists, the liberation of the masses took precedence over women's liberation.

140. The conference deeply unsettled American leftists and alarmed American political figures.

141. These won the union significant support from leftists in the entertainment industry.

142. During the 1980s, he lived in exile because of conflicts against leftists in Honduras.

143. The fax said the tribunal was a group of "leftists, fellow travellers and Hindu baiters".

144. It was controversial for its promotion of violence against leftists and other groups.

145. Jews and leftists fought Oswald Mosley's British fascists at the Battle of Cable Street.

146. Netanyahu's Likud party dismissed the criticism it said came from a group of "leftists."

147. The majority of its members were young leftists and ex-members of the Communist Movement.

148. Subsequently, some long-time leftists, such as Ricardo Letts Colmenares, left the FAI.

149. However, even after the departure of the leftists the SRs suffered internal divisions.

150. Nour suggested that the group includes "centrists, liberals, leftists [and] Islamists".