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1 But leftists in the Congress have blocked discussion of the proposal saying that it is an attempt to privatize the state-owned energy sector.
2 Though leftists groused that this was too weak a proposal, the news buoyed the sprits of public-plan advocates in the House.
3 But as they spread to Amman, the capital, and to other towns, other disgruntled Jordanians, including Islamists, teachers and leftists, have jumped on the bandwagon.
4 China's "leftists" are becoming more active as the global economy sputters.
5 But many leftists would like to arouse more enthusiastic involvement in implementing Party policy.
6 Solnit published a much-praised book, Hope in the Dark: the Untold History of People Power, challenging the instinctive pessimism of many leftists.
7 Bush-hatred eventually spread from a molten core of leftists to set the cultural tone of the country.
8 If the leftists purge their old-timers, Mr Tusk might choose them in place of his tiresome and greedy current coalition ally, the agrarian People's Party.
9 New leftists see China's rural woes as vindicating the positions they have held for a long time.
10 French leftists want more protectionism; most Austrians hate the thought of admitting Turkey; lots of east Europeans feel the club's environmental rules are overblown.
11 But they are above all nationalists, not leftists, and will certainly disappoint the south-easterners.
12 The new leftists — as is the case with all persons who desire authority over other persons — did not fear the power of government.
13 Thus, in the name of the people, the ideas of the original leftists were rejected.
14 One area of particular concern for new leftists has always been the countryside, which they point to as a prime example of market-economy failures.
15 Those leftists, holding a slim majority in the two years' existence of the National Constituent Assembly, did a remarkable job.
16 New leftists have a variety of reactions to discussions of press freedom, underlining the diversity of people to whom the label is applied.
17 Some who see the protesters as a bunch of whiny young leftists opposing the great symbols of American capitalism will be tempted circumstantially to side with Wall Street.
18 But when the second leftists in turn became tyrannical, they continued to call it liberty!
19 Those first French leftists stood for individual freedom of choice and personal responsibility for one's own welfare.
20 Despite what they claim is a crisis of capitalism, it seems that some of Latin America's radical leftists fear the verdict of the people.
21 In fact, those second leftists held far more power than Louis XVI ever had.
22 Though leftists groused that this was too weak a proposal, the news buoyed the spirits of public-plan advocates in the House.
23 The leftists bequeathed a bankrupt and ungovernable country, they say—meaning that their own remedies must be robust.
24 But Hugo Chavez had what most other Latin Americans leftists did not, oil.
25 Reich, a Labour secretary under Bill Clinton, this week declared that leftists must march in support of the public plan in Washington, DC, on September 13th.
26 But it is striking that all these former leaders are middle-of-the-road moderates, not wild-eyed leftists.
27 works both on discontented leftists who see Spain’s regions as a driver of inequality and on former PP voters worried that their party has shifted too far right.
28 HEALTH reform was supposed to be the crowning achievement of Barack Obama's first year as President. Instead it has riled Republicans, alienated leftists and exhausted everyone else.
29 In the Spanish Civil War of 1936, anarchists and syndicalists (CNT and FAI) once again allied themselves with various currents of leftists.
30 The leader of the leftists, Capt.