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No. sentence
1 Memories of the first asparagus and carrots he ate from a garden years before led him to start growing produce on the roof of his landmarked brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn, six or seven years ago.
2 He led us to a room upstairs.
3 He led us to a museum.
4 one, this year's unusual climate has led to vegetables ripening at the same time in northern and southern China.
5 A burly old man led his own flock up a steep mountain promising them the secret of life and its miracles.
6 This has led people from all over Singapore to flock to the roadside astrologer's table to find out if they will get lucky too, especially in their World Cup bets.
7 She let him put an arm around her shoulders, and he led them home.
8 The report highlights many such examples of strategies, ideas and actions that have led to improvement and may help others to meet the commitment for all schools to be sustainable schools by 2020.
9 Now we face our biggest challenge yet. The drought in our area has led to the worst starvation I have ever seen—worse even than what we saw in 1992.
10 But a team led by Iain Anderson, the head of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute's Biomimetics Lab, has built an entire menagerie of muscle-powered motors.
11 A local peasant led the guerrillas through the forest.
12 a Filipina secretly gave birth on an airliner last month and dumped the infant in a rubbish bin, the country’s powerful Catholic bishops rightly led an outcry of condemnation.
13 This short-sighted policy led to fatal results.
14 Intense competition has in the past led many Taiwanese life assurers, including Nan Shan, to sell investment-linked policies with high guaranteed rates of return.
15 later invested in the free-to-air Hong Kong broadcaster Asia Television (ATV), but that deal led to a drawn out legal dispute with the channel's former majority shareholder Payson cha Mou-sing.
16 of the most intriguing studies to date was led by Li-Huei Tsai and André Fischer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.
17 revolt of the mujahedeen, led by conservative, rural warlords, wiped that all out in a few years' time.
18 common ancestor is, however, too recent for the new species to be a remnant of the first human excursion from Africa, the one that led to Java man and Peking man, now known as Homo erectus.
19 Come! Let us worship, 'whispered the Witch, and she led him up, and a great desire to do as she besought him seized on him, and he followed her.
20 The artist led off in the discussion on modern art.
21 She led a blind man into the shop.
22 He led the girl on to believe that he was born to a noble family.
23 rich variation in the spelling of names, in particular, has led to some interesting spell checking algorithms.
24 Most notable of these is the National Democratic Force (NDF), led by former NLD members who saw these elections as a valuable opportunity, disagreed with the boycott and bolted.
25 He led an easy life.
26 This led us to investigate other platforms.
27 He led me to a military truck with no Windows.
28 He led a white horse by the bridle.
29 I was really led by her and how much she was able to handle, in the same way as I did with Father Christmas and the tooth fairy.
30 Whereas he had initially discouraged pilgrimages to Thomas’s tomb, from 1174 on he led the devotion.