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1 If your firm is in America," the lecturer continued, "tell them you can do it!"
2 She taught so beautifully about how can you engage students. However, the teachers have the lecturer of the students remaining in the classroom.
3 As a lecturer, I have been engaged in English teaching for ten years.
4 When all the students had a cup in hand with water, the lecturer spoke, “If you noticed, all the nice looking, expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones.
5 Despite this, most said that how much they liked the lecturer from what he said had not affected their evaluation of his individual characteristics at all.
6 Barely a year into my first job as a lecturer in Singapore, the senior management of the institution provided me an opportunity to start the Shanghai operation.
7 Dr James Thompson, senior honorary lecturer in psychology at University College London, said it had always been known that IQ test results are a combination of innate ability and other variables.
8 Greg Baxter, a Queensland University lecturer on Australian native animals, said kangaroos rarely invade homes but have done so in the past when panicked.
9 An American university lecturer in the region says the short hair and gym shoes worn by these young women would look perfectly normal on an American campus.
10 Fortunately, being a college lecturer, I don't have to go to work everyday. I only work three days a week, but during the three days I work really long hours and have no time for a wee little siesta.
11 I have to say that Shelly Kagan is probably the best lecturer I had in my four years at Yale.
12 Specifically, they were told, the experimenters were interested in whether judgements varied depending on the amount of exposure students had to a particular lecturer.
13 She would become a regular lecturer there for several years thereafter.
14 He was a visiting lecturer at Princeton in 1992, returning this fall at the invitation of the Program in Latin American Studies.
15 She was introduced to the idea by a lecturer in astrology whom she met when researching a book.
16 And so she moved to America and became a lecturer and researcher at Bryn Mawr College and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.
17 Again and again and again I tell you something and you don't listen that's the problem with being a lecturer that sort of I told you I was sick and you know Oh well. He's just joking.
18 And the author, a chemical engineer who worked for an insurance company and moonlighted as an anthropology lecturer at Yale University, was an unlikely candidate for international superstardom.
19 She was born Christine Lallouette on 1 January 1956 in Paris. Her father, Robert, a university lecturer, died when she was 17.
20 The surprise is that students had no clue whatsoever why they gave one lecturer higher ratings, even after they were given every chance.
21 Melissa Brown, a part-time yoga teacher, and her husband David*, a college lecturer, found it impossible to rent a decent affordable property when their landlord decided to sell their existing home.
22 Not by a long shot, says Beverly Potter, Ph.D., lecturer, consultant and author of Finding a Path with a Heart: How to Go from Burnout to Bliss.
23 A communications trainer must be alert to the research, without getting so bogged down in the minutiae that he becomes a college lecturer instead of a hands-on provider of practical information.
24 Susskind was recently a guest lecturer for an innovative project that aims to change that.
25 Telephone talk has discrete boundaries at points of opening and closing," says Julia Gillen, a lecturer in digital literacy at Lancaster University.
26 University of Dayton marketing lecturer Irene Dickey said Real Art Design is on the right track.
27 But when asked how well the lecturer relates to the students, each gender preferred their own.
28 Tarak Barkawi is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre of International Studies, University of Cambridge.
29 She met Mr Obama when he was a humble law lecturer, and is now his solicitor-general.
30 The star lecturer in innovation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the founder and President of the Academy of Applied Science, now had a myth on his hands.