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lectionis in a sentence

1. along with he, these were already used as matres lectionis in Phoenician.

2. The letters all represent consonants, some of which are also used as matres lectionis to indicate long vowels.

3. In the latter role, they are known as matres lectionis or "mothers of reading".

4. The close front vowels usually use the consonant י y as a mater lectionis.

5. later, in the Eastern Empire, the Codex repetitæ prælectionis (534) was highly influential throughout Europe.

6. Matres lectionis (from Latin "mothers of reading", singular form: mater lectionis, from Hebrew: אֵם קְרִיאָה‎

7. The original value of the matres lectionis correspond closely to what is called in modern linguistics glides or semivowels.

8. Naveh (ibid.) notes that the earliest Aramaic and Hebrew documents already used matres lectionis.

9. In some verb forms, matres lectionis are almost always used.

10. Many of the vowel letters in such languages historically go back to matres lectionis in the Phoenician script.

11. These consonants are called matres lectionis.

12. Eventually, Punic writers began to implement systems of marking of vowels by means of matres lectionis.

13. Three letters act as matres lectionis: rather than being a consonant, they indicate a vowel.

14. Ashkenazi Hebrew in its written form also resembles Palestinian Hebrew in its tendency to male spellings (see Mater lectionis).

15. As in the Aramaic alphabet, long vowels were commonly written with matres lectionis, the consonants aleph, yodh and waw.

16. it was often overlooked by scribes because of its size and position as a mater lectionis.

17. As in other Phoenician inscriptions, the text seems to use no, or hardly any, matres lectionis.

18. Three letters act as matres lectionis: rather than being a consonant, they indicate a vowel.

19. Even today, it is customary to write Hebrew using only consonants and matres lectionis.

20. There are no letters for vowels, which are marked by matres lectionis.

21. ), and in this sense functions like Aleph, Vav, and Yud as a mater lectionis, indicating the presence of a long vowel.

22. ŏ, bottom row), and the matres lectionis (וּ‎

23. If a holam is used without a following mater lectionis (vav, alef or he), as in פֹּה‎

24. If vav is used as a mater lectionis, the holam appears above the vav.

25. If the mater lectionis is alef, as in לֹא‎

26. Hebrew letters used to indicate vowels are known as matres lectionis ("mothers of reading").

27. or, as the opposite to a mappiq, to show that the letters ה or א are silent (mater lectionis).

28. Tzere can be written with and without matres lectionis.

29. The letter he (ה) is very rarely used as a mater lectionis for [e] in the middle of the word.

30. In modern Hebrew writing without niqqud the /u/ sound is always written as Waw, in which case it is considered a mater lectionis.