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No. sentence
1 He leaned against the tree.
2 Now he was very grave; he leaned towards her, and she smelled the warm, stinging scent of the orange peel."
3 She leaned lightly against his shoulder.
4 The girl leaned on the desk.
5 The manager leaned over the desk and read the report.
6 She leaned on her lover's arm.
7 During the rest of the class, he leaned back in his chair, stretching out his long legs.
8 He leaned toward her, shaking his head vigorously when she tried to kiss him.
9 The peasants leaned down to reap wheat.
10 little mermaid leaned her white arms on the edge of the vessel, and looked towards the east for the first blush of morning, for that first ray of dawn that would bring her death.
11 She leaned in Rodney's direction and took the bottle from him. She didn't slide it back.
12 She claims she fell as she leaned to pick up a paper.
13 As Grayson leaned in to hear the soft, indistinct voice of the president, was the president trying to reassure him?
14 lips trembling and eyes shut, she first leaned against the wall, then collapsed, weak and limp, like soft mud on the ground.
15 In contrast, straightforward, easy-going and relationship-orientated people leaned toward the “communal” styles of entertainment instead.
16 We both leaned forward and kissed softly.
17 In the corner, a tree leaned against the wall.
18 Germany leaned towards the first option.
19 Obviously, incontestably, by every measure of conventional decency and professional ethics, the teacher ought not to have leaned over towards the schoolboy in the passenger’s seat that first night.
20 Miss Martha leaned weakly against the showcase, one hand on her best blue-dotted silk shirtwaist as the pipe-smoking stranger gripped the Shouting customer by the collar.
21 sky is so clear, and the stars are so bright here," I mused as I leaned against the balcony and looked up at the dark sky.
22 This was what had somewhat disturbed the balance of her heart, which leaned to one side only.
23 Hitoshi leaned closer to see the screen.
24 Both marriages failed, and she leaned on her parents and friends to help raise her two children.
25 stopped just inside his door and leaned his head on the metal.
26 They leaned against 4203-RD and worked through their rote of tender gestures: hand-holding, modest-mouthed kisses, a giddy lowering to the ground, me an awkward weight following them down.
27 But privately some greens think that the supposedly independent committee has been leaned on by ministers to justify a decision they had already made.
28 The General leaned forward and peered out of the cockpit of his Hercules, his gaze resting on the endless, rolling ridges of dun-coloured hills.
29 A huge figure walked over to the bed. It leaned over and pulled the covers up around the sleeping child.
30 He leaned forward and took two vials from the drawer, a blue one and a pink one.