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No. sentence
1 She went on to become one of Hollywood's leading ladies, starring alongside Gregory Peck, Paul Newman and Kirk Douglas.
2 Of course, for the project to have acceptable risk, this must be done for each of the tasks, leading to almost doubling the duration.
3 a sensation in her first leading role, as the Congo goddess Tondelayo in MGM's White Cargo.
4 If you like playing with leading edge technology.
5 She remained behind the leading students for the first two years and surpassed them in the last year.
6 leading role in the film is costumed in medieval armor.
7 I have watched proud young Americans take their last breath, still believing they were right and just in the actions leading to an untimely, yet honorable death.
8 Serb then wasted three match points while leading 5-3 in the fifth set before converting his sixth match point after Isner netted a forehand.
9 Because this result is held in an integer variable, a message to display the value should use a formatting code to pad to four characters with leading zeros for codes that are numbered less than 1000.
10 While watching a football game at the White House in 2002, Bush choked on a pretzel and fell off his couch, leading to the bruises seen in this photo.
11 Sobel cautioned that, so far, this trail of tears may be leading his team to only part of the story.
12 A flat foot is squishy, causing muscles and tendons to stretch and weaken, leading to tendinitis and arthritis.
13 Not only was Aisha born without a breast bone, but her heart was malformed, with a hole between the two pumping chambers and a restricted artery leading to the lungs.
14 It is important not to have any expectations, or we might simply interact with what we think is inside us, leading to further denial.
15 During my employment with a leading transportation company I was told by an executive that he could get me fired for not doing what he requested.
16 The former slave known for leading more than 300 people-including her elderly parents-to freedom as a conductor on the Underground Railroad was also a Union spy.
17 The rain having soaked them, they were walking along the paths on the sunny side; the elder was leading the younger; they were pale and ragged; they had the air of wild birds.
18 Is producing, and watching our own media leading us to believe the images we create?
19 She had a room on the side of a house, wobbly wooden stairs leading up.
20 Studies of people with dementia and anxiety have found that gardening helps calm their agitation, leading to better sleep patterns and improved quality of their rest.
21 Despite a concerted call for peace by Kenya's leading editors, businessmen and bishops, the prospect of an early compromise looks dim.
22 If the habit stops, hair will typically regrow, but with excessive and long-term trichotillomania, scarring of the scalp can result, leading to permanent hair loss in the affected location!
23 The Aries driving force compels those born under its influence to become the leading light in any co-operative venture.
24 This is leading to random failures that developers have to chase.
25 Hence, the development approach that is followed is not the classic "waterfall" scenario, where requirements gathering is followed by analysis and design, leading to the implementation of the system.
26 The garbage pail trail always ended up leading much deeper than I thought upon first scoop.
27 This may sound a little far-fetched but fill a bucket or pail up about a third of the way with cheap beer with a board or something leading to the rim at the top.
28 The ladies themselves got so close that they almost kissed, leading Andy Cohen to ask whether they were an item.
29 Chris claims to have only lost a nail once, when fixing her car engine on the freeway, and otherwise has no trouble leading a normal life.
30 Hardly had this year's event entered the second half of its schedule when LOEB established his leading position with Citron C4 WRC's remarkable performance.