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No. sentence
1 Today the tunnels are roamed by a different clandestine group, a loose and leaderless community whose members sometimes spend days and nights below the city.
2 good deal of consensus within the Party about the general direction of the country—no one in the Party apparatus wants to see it implode and the nation left leaderless.
3 Thousands of youths gave up their weapons in return for promises of stipends and training, but the leaderless government has been slow to make good on those pledges and the peace is fraying.
4 But after the rampant corruption of Mr Ben Ali's last years, followed by the turmoil of a leaderless revolution, many voters may be reassured by Nahda's back-to-basics message on family values.
5 Syria's opposition is diffuse and still leaderless.
6 The survivors — leaderless, lawless, foodless — began to return to order.
7 The Palestinians look both divided and leaderless.
8 Yes” propaganda in the streets, on public buildings and on radio and television overwhelmed the opposition’s flat and leaderless campaign.
9 Although it was originally created by the Canadian anti-consumerist group Adbusters, the protest is leaderless.
10 Pelops has fallen! Leaderless, his people are doomed to perish in this foreign land.
11 The President's sudden death has left the country leaderless.
12 Members of a leaderless group often begin to feel dissatisfied and frustrated.
13 leaderless students started fighting among themselves, until the school finally had to be blockaded.
14 Pellaeon taking command of the leaderless task force, trying to rein in the chaos after the death of a mastermind.
15 leaderless, lawless, foodless — begin to return to order.
16 I think a leaderless mob soon disintegrates.
17 These new teams are often called leaderless.
18 Leaderless, the Song troops were soon utterly routed.
19 Hosni Mubarak's traditional foes have been displaced by the leaderless tens of thousands of young Egyptians.
20 This paper discusses the basic processes of "leaderless group discussion" in classroom teaching of the administration management specialty.
21 his tactical philosophy on the headlong charge, with himself at the head of his cavalry, which had more than once left him a prisoner in enemy hands and his army a leaderless rabble.
22 A leaderless but powerful network is working to bring about radical change in the United States...
23 - leaderless, lawless, foodless - - begin to return to order.
24 During the protests, ad hoc leaderless anonymous cadres known as black blocs engaged in rioting, property destruction and violent confrontations with the police.
25 Anarchists still support and participate in strikes, especially wildcat strikes as these are leaderless strikes not organised centrally by a syndicate.
26 Coningsby attacks the evils of the Whig Reform Bill of 1832 and castigates the leaderless conservatives for not responding.
27 A bayonet charge by the Foot Guards then broke the leaderless squares, which fell back onto the following column.
28 The rearguard, leaderless, would serve as a "dumping ground" for the surplus troops.
29 Leaderless without Khmelnytsky, the Cossacks were commanded by Colonel Filon Dzhalalii, who was replaced by Ivan Bohun on July 9. Other accounts state the commander was Matvii Hladky.
30 While the ride was founded with the idea of drawing attention to how unfriendly the city was to bicyclists, the leaderless structure of Critical Mass makes it impossible to assign it any one specific goal.