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No. sentence
1 The leader drew away from the pack.
2 As the leader of this office, she can work with everyone.
3 Penang's new leader, Lim Guan Eng, says that the federal government has an "ambivalent" attitude towards him, cutting off some funding but not undermining his authority.
4 The ancient way to settle a quarrel was to choose a leader from each side and let them fight it out.
5 Hundreds of people filed past the body of the dead leader, to pay their last respects.
6 Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and other Republican senators have warned that they will not approve a treaty that would curb a planned U.S. missile defense system for Europe.
7 Several of his followers have described their first encounter with the al Qaeda leader as an intense spiritual experience, explaining their feelings for him as love.
8 They echoed every word of their leader.
9 She blarneys her leader with the shameless compliments.
10 They betokened their fidelity to the leader with a vow.
11 Accompanied by the leader, they visited the hospital.
12 The whole party will cling to their leader very determinedly.
13 A nation bleeds for its dead leader.
14 But, for all this, he has never looked like a national leader.
15 It reminded me once in common with them for sincerity to leader almost blind as worship.
16 The protesters have no leader and no organization.
17 Either way, the leader must be able to visualize where he wants to be, where he wants his company to be, or where he wants his family to be.
18 must do the directed principle between the leader and all employees.
19 Most of his people have known no other leader.
20 If the leader is not a domain expert, he or she must find one, because in this space, understanding of tools processes an engineering matter.
21 There's no difference between a team leader and a manager if they're the same person, which they can be.
22 One unfortunate conclusion of all this about making decisions and decisiveness as a leader is that very rarely you have a complete knowledge.
23 A leader inspires others to join him in his quest for success.
24 We know that you are the leader here.
25 But he says pressure for broad reform on the next Cuban leader, from inside Cuba and outside, will grow.
26 They were there to see but, more important, to petition their leader as he arrived for his weekly radio show.
27 Someone made the suggestion that perhaps the President should call the new majority leader.
28 You might think that to qualify as a thought leader you needed to have a thought (preferably a new one) and be able to influence other people with it.
29 pessimist nor an optimist, but a leader.
30 He mentions that one of his daughters was a platoon leader in Iraq.