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No. sentence
1 as heavy as lead.
2 Lead is one of the softer metals.
3 Electricity and petrol costs will rise significantly, but with the right policies in place, say the modellers, this need not lead to big changes in our lifestyle.
4 We predict that the application of techniques like those in this series will lead to a blurring of boundaries between business analyst and architect roles.
5 The movement of cuticle layer of wool fibre and its elastic performance will lead to fuzzing and pilling and consequently result in water shrinking.
6 Learn nothing, and the next world is the same as this one, all the same limitations and lead weights to overcome.
7 The study strengthens the case that so-called supervolcano eruptions lead to massive climate change and may be responsible for many of the most devastating mass murders in Earth's history.
8 diaspora itself can lead to economic and private benefits at home - China and India both have strong ties with their diaspora and this is also beginning to happen in Africa.
9 Yet all these elements do not have to lead to a happy ending for Europe.
10 All of these wonderful thoughts lead me to affirm that Christmas is without doubt the best time of year.
11 ability to do almost anything you like is powerful, but it can also lead to uncertainty about what you should do and how to establish a standard approach to development.
12 Then, how do you establish relationships, which will lead to continued business and referrals?
13 High temperatures in the core lead some to believe that the core is uncovered; others do not trust the temperature readings.
14 Multiple occurrences of an activity do not necessarily lead to a process execution error, but they can affect the readability of the model.
15 We will continue to be vigilant and to take the lead on all aspects of tobacco control.
16 An influx of tourists may also soon lead to increased attention from authorities and real-estate developers, disturbing Dali's mellow aura.
17 he invited employees to evaluate their bosses and their bosses' bosses; then he posted his own review on the firm's Intranet for all to see, and urged others to follow his lead.
18 bottom-up approach tends to lead to poor business-service abstractions in case the design is dictated by the existing IT environment, rather than existing and future business needs.
19 The recent financial crisis proved that the sort of qualities that men pride themselves on, such as risk-taking and bare-knuckle competition, can lead to disaster.
20 Some election lawyers said that the decision, if upheld, could lead to the collapse of all legal limits on campaign donations, whether from corporations or individuals.
21 can all lead to teeth problems.
22 Three minutes later, Luis Fabiano increased Brazil's lead. He received a one-touch pass from Kaka, dribbled past Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo and then knocked the ball into an open net.
23 First, it forces you to hunch over, an inefficient running form that can lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain.
24 If they're uncomfortable with Roman rule, and feel depressed and oppressed, then eventually the book will lead them to feeling comfort.
25 They lead a busy and colourful life on the campus.
26 Ah, if I could only make your dear heart ache one little minute of each day as mine does every day and all day long, it might lead you to show pity to your poor lonely one.
27 The World Food Program is warning that the upward pressure on food prices is likely to lead to a “silent tsunami” of hunger.
28 You can ask the students some questions to lead them to make a careful analysis of the style of the writer.
29 By turning away from the truth, these people are choosing the wrong path... a road that is sinful and will lead to their death unless they repent and turn to Jesus.
30 Bicycling tactics call for a rider to let someone else lead for most of the race day, then come from behind to grab the win.