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lays eggs in a sentence

1. The female lays eggs at daily intervals.

2. The female lays eggs singly on host plants.

3. As with most reptiles, L. splendida lays eggs.

4. As time passes, Greta lays eggs.

5. The female lays eggs on the underside of a leaf.

6. The catshark lays eggs in their blastodisc form.

7. The adult female N. leithii lays eggs in June.

8. The Japanese murrelet lays eggs in March.

9. It lays eggs in dense vegetation;

10. The female then lays eggs into her pelvic fins.

11. It lays eggs on gravel or clean sand to reproduce.

12. It lays eggs which is does not guard.

13. It lays eggs under rocks in the streams.

14. It lays eggs in clutches of 2 eggs.

15. It lays eggs from mid-February through May.

16. Lays eggs one at a time in September.

17. The chat flycatcher lays eggs year round.

18. Females lays eggs (oviparous).

19. The female lays eggs on tree trunks and leaves.

20. It lays eggs in the leaf epidermis of host plants.

21. The adult female lays eggs on blueberry plants.

22. The adult lays eggs within the vertebrate host.

23. Clione antarctica lays eggs in the spring.

24. The queen lays eggs into individual cells.

25. The adult lays eggs in holes bored in a tree.

26. It lays eggs directly on the soil or on plants.

27. The female lays eggs on the undersides of leaves.

28. Oviparous, the female lays eggs.

29. Oviparous, the female lays eggs.

30. female platypus lays eggs like a bird.