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No. sentence
1 We argued with them about the new law.
2 The officer was charged with going beyond the law in his treatment of the citizens.
3 Your only remedy is to go to law.
4 We shall need all the votes we can get to push the new law through.
5 Of course, this dilemma arises in many human endeavors, from building design, to rocket science, to patent law.
6 US law does not require labels unless the composition or nutrient value of the product is significantly changed.
7 Under current law, the manager will only pay roughly 25% of that as taxes between federal, state, and local taxes.
8 At every level of the Justice Department, we are committed to improving partnerships with our federal law enforcement colleagues -and with leaders across the international law enforcement community.
9 Congress has enacted a new tax law.
10 of these media have legal protection under copyright law.
11 The first is technological change beyond that ordained by Moore’s Law.
12 So speak ye, and so do, as they that shall be judged by the law of liberty.
13 This is not surprising. The law deals with the same sort of questions as politics: what makes a just society; the balance between liberty and security, and so on.
14 President Barack Obama will also establish an elite unit to interrogate high-value detainees, creating a team of trained interrogators drawn from law enforcement, intelligence and military agencies.
15 My favorite part is when the law recommends offenders can lessen their sentence of Internet loss if they promise not to do it again.
16 I have consulted a number of law books in our school library.
17 The Fed, for example, is required by law to end some when the need is no longer urgent.
18 It's a totally different view of the law and its role in the cosmos than you see in Romans or Galatians, which is another piece of evidence for me that Paul is not the author of this letter.
19 Paul talks about works in Romans he's clearly talking about works of Jewish law.
20 The first decision that had to be made was whether the exsiting penal law could be satisfactorily patched up.
21 They married, but their hasty pact quickly unraveled. The man balked at registering the boy in his name out of fear he could be breaking the law. Now, Ms.
22 Marriage without registration is not recognized by law.
23 He left medicine for law.
24 All citizens must do as the law requires.
25 The council denounced the new law.
26 law warrants this procedure.
27 new law provided for equality of human rights.
28 The administrational order was disregard of the law.
29 He filibustered the proposed law to death in the last session of Congress.
30 The powers of a judge are defined by law.