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1 Meanwhile, Buffett has been lauded for his lack of vanity in handing his money over to the Gates foundation instead of setting up a charitable trust in his own name.
2 The soldier is lauded for his bravery.
3 Yet it was inescapable that he should be lauded as Palestine's poet laureate, and not merely because his words were made into popular songs and splashed as headlines to sell newspapers.
4 And Mr. Krakoff should be lauded for treating women like grown-ups, offering sleek suede dresses, softened by their surface texture, and also long skirts, slit at the front to show lace-up high boots.
5 For unknown authors, however, it did not matter whether a book was panned or lauded.
6 Various inquiries into the latest failure have begun. Some are bound to focus on Mr Mendoza, who was once publicly lauded for being an outstandingly good cop.
7 Some are bound to focus on Mr Mendoza, who was once publicly lauded for being an outstandingly good cop.
8 chairman, Wang Chuanfu, is lauded as a near-genius, and the company’s workers are said to be uncommonly motivated.
9 Most likely to be damned by faint praise: Women, who the researchers found are far more likely than men to be lauded for their all-around niceness.
10 Kaldun, a lauded Arab scholar, is credited as one of the foundational thinkers of modern sociology, ethnography, and the philosophy of history.
11 Solar energy is lauded as an inexhaustible fuel source that is pollution and often noise free. The technology is also versatile.
12 to think that one of the most lauded businessmen of a generation should be racked by regret, but it also sucks the life from his book.
13 Isn't it odd, incidentally, that only the boys' unions should be so lauded?
14 These powerful substances, found in some antiaging moisturizers, are lauded for helping reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone.
15 The Yeti jacket — so-named for obvious reasons — was lauded for its incredible warmth and lightness.
16 prolific and lauded career continued, as “Hard-Boiled Wonderland andthe End of the World” was published in 1985, winning literary awards that sameyear.
17 Those unsung heroes are lauded by netizens, who are turned off domestic TV screens marred by stultifying melodramas, rigid formulaic news coverage, soppy tear-jerkers and saccharine films.
18 Once lauded as a way of offering protection against the risk of companies defaulting, CDSs instead magnified uncertainty as buyers wondered whether sellers could really afford to pay up if called on.
19 District 9 has been lauded for combining an allegory of apartheid with awesome special effects, but it is perhaps the real-life locations that will linger in audience minds.
20 He was the father of composer Michael Arne and the husband of lauded soprano Cecilia Young.
21 Vector shapes were also added in this release; the ability to draw vector shapes such as arrows into a bitmap was lauded by users.
22 Whatever you think of Franzen's so-called "Great American Novel", any book so culturally significant as to require you to have an opinion should be lauded.
23 Zonghan, former director of the Beijing Public Health Bureau and a senior paediatrician, lauded the measures.
24 zonghan, former director of the Beijing public bureau and a senior paediatrician, lauded the measures.
25 25-year-old maths student has been lauded by opposition websites after reportedly telling Khamenei that he had been turned into a "grand idol" who was above criticism.
26 Jurors also heard from a former Murray patient who lauded the doctor's treatment of him, but said the cardiologist became increasingly distant and hard to reach while working with Jackson.
27 In a speech last October the prime minister lauded certain historians who had rebuffed "the black armband view of Australian history".
28 The reviewers lauded the ballet troupe for its terpsichorean artistry.
29 prufrock a poem which is lauded as marking the beginning of modern poetry for its stream-of-consciousness use of uncanny images.
30 She was lauded to be the queen of TV series.