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No. sentence
1 Kurzweil yields no ground there whatsoever. He does not see any fundamental difference between flesh and silicon that would prevent the latter from thinking.
2 The latter is in short supply because of the rise in US savings, caused by the crisis but likely to persist.
3 The former task requires remembering only the last rectangle drawn (and the color), while the latter requires remembering them all.
4 exclaimed Catherine, who could not hear the latter part of his speech.
5 His face is puckered into a, grimace of guilt and discomfort the latter caused by his increasing awareness of stickiness and trussed ankles.
6 In the latter case, to maintain uniqueness of the database-generated primary key in a multi-database environment, one of the slices is designated to generate these keys.
7 If you opt for the latter, you will also have to connect your local workstation to the external Ethernet switch.
8 I was of the latter group. You may be too.
9 They chose the latter.
10 distinguishes modern sensibility from classical sensibility is that the latter thrives on moral problems and the former on metaphysical problems.
11 This article focuses on the latter: the technical requirements.
12 If we judge by the latter criterion, then we are focusing on results, not on "procedural progress".
13 Forced to make a choice between boyfriend and her job, she chose the latter.
14 Get more of the former and less of the latter by setting aside your need for their cash.
15 These operations had posed the fiercest competition to hedge funds' businesses and this restriction gives the latter a clear run.
16 We have no idea if the latter would do so.
17 This article focuses on the latter.
18 Resolution of the latter limitation may occur in the future, however.
19 when it comes to our interests, I think we often do the latter, because we have a tendency to turn every interest into a project.
20 The former should pass all the time; the latter should pass to the degree that customers require.
21 Both translate as happiness, but the latter is what Jefferson was referring to.
22 Notice that the error handler for the latter undoes the work of the former so that data is not left in an inconsistent state.
23 Without the latter nobody would buy anything, and without the former everybody would buy everything.
24 The latter shows how compression and transmission.
25 the latter, there is room for improvement.
26 The jury, an ancient institution, disagreed with the latter.
27 Since we have not specified the latter, it defaults to black.
28 The former is wonderful but the latter I can't abide.
29 very contiguity of his enemy, beneath whatever mask the latter might conceal himself, was enough to disturb the magnetic sphere of a being so sensitive as Arthur Dimmesdale.
30 For the latter, though, biology has several explanations, all of which revolve around a trade-off between longevity and the ability to reproduce.