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1 the latest move, Qatar has banned the import of all vegetables from Germany and Spain.
2 In its latest investment plan, it says it will begin making such cells within a year for mobile phones and laptops.
3 Instead, we recommend that you install the latest TL or SP, since these are tested as a unit and they go through a longer test cycle.
4 In order to prove his point he showed them the latest sales figures.
5 He tried to downgrade the latest research findings.
6 Migrate the production database with the latest data.
7 The meeting discussed how to promote this latest product.
8 But each gang has the patronage of a mainstream political party, in a fight that exploded in 2008 when an election was held to end Pakistan's latest period of military rule.
9 NNTP Checker component gets the latest posts to a specified newsgroup on an NNTP server.
10 So I really do not know where the Australia media got this latest one from.
11 Cuban cigar sales rose 2% last year, according to the latest figures, reversing a downward trend.
12 This month their lawyers filed the latest of several appeals in an Atlanta court.
13 So many essential institutions depend on the ability of citizens to think for themselves, to resist the latest trend or bubble.
14 The man cocked his hat in the latest fashion.
15 However, he cautioned, other research groups may well challenge the conclusion of the latest study, and the debate may have some way to run.
16 These latest plans for an artificially cooled beach may be causing ripples around the world, but why isn't there more vocal opposition by environmentalists within Dubai?
17 Brushed steel, glass stairs, oak tables - the latest Apple retail store in London's Covent Garden has everything you'd expect from the company.
18 its latest financial results, Apple bucked the effects of the downturn, with a 47 per cent rise in profits in the fourth quarter, pushing the value of its shares to an all-time high.
19 ACES equipment represents the latest in Raytheon's developmentally mature aircraft self-protection technology.
20 classical music detentions at West Park School are only the latest experiment in using and abusing some of humanity's greatest cultural achievements to reprimand youth.
21 's interesting is that, in the latest ad, Amazon chose to go after the iPad rather than the Nook and other devices that focus strictly on reading.
22 Last week's Casual Fridays study was inspired by my (incorrect) observation that the latest beta version of Firefox always displays tabs.
23 latest weapon in the fight against the signs of aging. This is Face Yoga, also called Grimace Yoga.
24 Face Yoga, also called Grimace Yoga. It's the latest weapon in the fight against the signs of aging.
25 For the rapper, this latest career move has come early. But for the management guru industry, it is long overdue.
26 fair, the latest incident may have been the act of a rogue employee, rather than a business-as-usual tactic by Foxconn management.
27 I want to get hip to the latest styles in popular music.
28 In my latest photo set, for example, I dress up in pigtails and a polka-dotted dress and play with a doll. And then I rip the doll to shreds and try to stuff myself instead.
29 When growing bacterial cultures, biologists often mix cells in with nutrients in one big jar, then swirl, much like an aficionado over the latest vintage.
30 No longer ragged guerrillas, the Vietminh by the early 1950s were armed by the Chinese with the latest weaponry.