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1 In later years, Salinger become famous for not wanting to be famous, refusing interviews.
2 Tanning is particularly a problem for teenagers who are less likely to use sunscreen or other protective measures but whose habits today will have an impact on skin cancer incidence in later years.
3 A portion of the funds from the exhibit will go to support UNICEF, a cause Hepburn dedicated herself to in her later years.
4 But she herself said in later years that this was false.
5 Her friendship with Michael Jackson is not so strange — he too struggled to survive childhood stardom in his own way, and in later years was more famous as an eccentric celebrity than as a singer.
6 The mission bore no fruit, but in his later years in Baghdad, Rabban Bar Sauma documented his lifetime of travel.
7 A total of around 900 scrolls were found in later years.
8 At St. Albans, especially in our later years, we are given the freedom to choose from a vast array of classes.
9 In later years, the youngster ignored medical advice to quit the game despite having a badly distorted leg from corrective surgery.
10 This outcome reflects the life goal of Kong Shang-ren's later years by the ideological transformation of Confucianism to Taoism.
11 In his later years, he became embittered by it, or more likely because of his increasing suspicion that he was not Mozart.
12 of] a long tradition from the later years of the Qing dynasty down to today. But we restudied the problem and revisited it and made it more perfect.
13 She was a law unto herself," said Ms. Martin, who knew Mrs. Longworth during her later years.
14 Not to be confused with the forgetfulness that affects most everyone in their later years, Alzheimer's is a degenerative brain disorder that manifests differently in each of its sufferers.
15 Factors affecting empathy varied with year of training, self-reported level of empathy, and gender, with students in later years emphasizing factors affecting interpersonal functioning.
16 In later years, the movie director Joe Mankiewicz would say of Spencer's infidelities: 'he didn't leave Louise.
17 In later years, Darwin further developed his ideas about evolution, publishing books on species ranging from orchids to humans to earthworms.
18 In her later years she became an animal rights activist and has even been fined for inciting racial hatred.
19 The irascible, autocratic Ford would prove as inept a chief executive in his later years as he had been brilliant in his youth.
20 is not, however, as a writer that Peters was best known in later years.
21 When inflation is low, the initial payments are more bearable but more of the real debt persists, which shunts a bigger share of the costs into the later years of the loan.
22 Despite having built himself an extravagant fun palace, with its own zoo, fairground and elaborate topiary, Mr Jackson cut an increasingly lost and lonely figure in his later years.
23 don't forget mid-life career changers and retirees who start a second or third career in their later years!
24 From the age of 4, when his family moved to Inuit territory in Canada, Nicklen has explored the region, in later years as a biologist and a photographer.
25 In later years we are able to deal with much more complex patterns that may not directly be based on sensorial observations.
26 later years Lenin had a careful thinking about how to construct the Bolshevik Party and the Soviet political power, and put forward a series of suggestions and concepts rich in content.
27 But thinking of the poor woman's mournful facial expressions, I believed that as I offered her my timely help I would not feel conscience-stricken over this matter in my later years of life.
28 In her later years Daly campaigned against closures ofindependent women's bookstores and became concerned about books byradical feminists disappearing out of print.
29 During his later years, Landsteiner formed a friendship with Linus Pauling, the American biochemist who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1954.
30 It's also quite possible that Bruce could've improved upon Jeet Kune Do in his later years, if not for his tragic untimely death.