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No. sentence
1 This situation lasted for seven days!
2 The idea lasted only for one second.
3 If you’ve ever looked at the network cable protruding from your computer and wondered how Ethernet got started, how it has lasted so long, and how it works, wonder no more: here’s the story.
4 me, the biggest surprise, although I was very concerned in 2003, I was concerned before that, I was surprised it lasted to 2007.
5 According to survivors, the initial quaking lasted for about 14 seconds-long enough to bring down nearly every building on Yokohama's watery, unstable ground.
6 On one night, Chuck lasted until midnight, and I was asleep an hour later.
7 The storm lasted a week, and now quieted down at last.
8 Ming Dynasty lasted from 1368 to 1644 rivaling and in many ways surpassing other civilizations of the world during that time.
9 The rain only lasted half an hour, but caused traffic jams and havoc for pedestrians and commuters.
10 Periodically, there would be a revolutionary edict, against stays or short-term fashion for loose waists, but these never lasted long.
11 It lasted through the winters of Chicago.
12 These shoes are worn-out. Theyve lasted a long time.
13 Try to imagine your life if the problem lasted indefinitely and you could no longer enjoy the flavor of an orange or chocolate or taste the difference between chicken and steak.
14 There was a fishery for bay scallops in North Carolina that lasted over a century uninterrupted and it was closed down in 2004 because of cownose rays.
15 The quake lasted minutes at most, but it left half the town smothered by landslides, swallowing people, cars and entire buildings.
16 downpour lasted 10 hours over the weekend, producing gusty winds and a tornado in one suburb, according to local media.
17 It was interrupted by brief warmings – interstadials – none of which lasted more than a few thousand years.
18 Millions of animals perished. The drought lasted over 10 months.
19 The assault lasted more than 24 hours, and although it failed to capture any of its targets, it proved that Kandahar remains as insecure as ever despite the heavy presence of U.S. and Afghan forces.
20 The mood lasted only until the sun went down, which is when I began to make mistakes — none catastrophic, but together they added up to misery.
21 During this period of irregularity, which may have lasted millions of years, any rocky inner world sitting in the path of the hot Jupiter and its new orbit would have been obliterated.
22 Rowling's speech lasted 21 minutes, and the standing ovation afterward went on for almost two.
23 project lasted approximately one year, at the end of which we successfully — and on time — delivered the component we were tasked to complete.
24 He lasted only four minutes of the game and scans revealed he had a torn hamstring and calf.
25 ETA is still not to be trusted; a "permanent" ceasefire in 2006 lasted just nine months.
26 The greatest ruler of this city-state was Pacal, who took power in 603 A.D. and commenced a construction boom of architecturally innovative buildings that lasted through and beyond his 68-year reign.
27 In the run-up to the commemoration, which lasted a week, white Alabamans formed “Confederate Colonel” and “Confederate Belle” chapters.
28 Ancient Rome conferred a unity on the Mediterranean area and on vast hinterlands on three continents lasted for a long time.
29 Then came the screams and cries. I do not know how long they lasted.
30 Victorian age was not one, not single, simple, or unified, only in part because Victoria's reign lasted so long that it comprised several periods.