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No. sentence
1 He ran his eyes down the page and found his name at last.
2 This last bombing should finish off the town.
3 Then, on the last two days of the study, they could choose what they ate.
4 My wife interrogated me where I stayed over last night.
5 They captured this city from the enemy last week.
6 Jeremy grinned as he sipped his last sip of milk.
7 He reanimated a drowned child last week.
8 My mind flashed back to last Spring Festival.
9 It was your last chance and you blew it.
10 It suddenly came back to me where I saw him last.
11 It will be clearer if you delete the last paragraph.
12 It is that tall man who wrenched the handbag from the old woman last night.
13 She rested her last hope on her husband.
14 To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the last product of civilization, and at present very few people have reached this level.
15 When was the last time you bought a newspaper to find out who won the match, rather than for comment and analysis?
16 I heard someone running the cattle off last night.
17 manager of our department reported back from home leave last night.
18 At last the engine of my car sputtered out on the way to the border.
19 The close weather will last for some time.
20 One evening, I found the last one, half eaten by the mother. It stank already.
21 We've eaten the next meal before we've entirely digested the last one.
22 They waived that problem aside last week.
23 Ascham, in The Schoolmaster, tells a touching story of his last visit to Lady Jane Grey.
24 Last week, we showed you how to wirelessly stream live TV content from an HD antenna to your laptop.
25 Her fond dreams were bedashed at last.
26 Then, I followed Moses back to the flock and there, I sat solemnly. It would beMoses’ last day with us.
27 His father was reached by their persuasion at last.
28 At last, we agree on something, ” he said, before he walked through the door.
29 Hundreds of people filed past the body of the dead leader, to pay their last respects.
30 Most of his good Suggestions have been hatcheted in the last plan.