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larger particles in a sentence

1. larger particles of colloidal gold are blue.

2. Anomalous diffraction theory applies to optically soft but larger particles.

3. Most of this material is swallowed but larger particles are discarded.

4. Thus, larger particles tend to become sorted to the top of such a mixture.

5. Next is a disk of larger particles, with inner edge 0.4-1 AU of the star.

6. Larger particles usually originate from material aspired into the cloud.

7. Larger particles get molten radioactive materials deposited on their surface.

8. As they grow, they begin to ingest larger particles and use their teeth for rasping.

9. Larger particles sediment more quickly and at lower centrifugal forces.

10. The main rings are denser and contain larger particles than the tenuous dusty rings.

11. Presence of larger particles can degrade high-frequency performance.

12. Larger particles are called meteoroids.

13. Dust particles may form larger particles resulting in "grain plasmas".

14. Larger particles are micrometeoroids, not dust.

15. A suspension is a heterogeneous dispersion of larger particles in a medium.

16. The dust in the disk is likely the result of collisions between larger particles.

17. The finer iron oxide is then separated from the larger particles of synthetic rutile.

18. Larger particles are trapped higher up in the larger bronchi.

19. Larger particles are easily retained by the filter media;

20. In contrast, larger particles will stay within the elutriation chamber.

21. Warmer atmospheric temperatures also lead to larger particles.

22. Larger particles can similarly form marine debris or space debris.

23. Generally, a gauze filter is attached to the inlet to collect larger particles.

24. Only larger particles are filtered by the HME.

25. Moisture in the feed forms larger particles by coagulating small particles.

26. Then they separated the larger particles from the smaller ones using sieves.

27. They put the larger particles in a bucket of water and stirred them.

28. Nanoparticles may also be mixed with larger particles.

29. The dust particles collide with each other and form into larger particles.

30. colloidal particles cannot agglomerate into larger particles.