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1 These kinds of groups more often than not interconnect with each other, forming larger networks.
2 On larger networks where AARP could cause problems as new nodes searched for free addresses, the addition of a router could reduce "chattiness."
3 Somewhat larger networks can be built by using an Ethernet repeater.
4 Shortest path bridging includes the use of the link-state routing protocol IS-IS to allow larger networks with shortest path routes between devices.
5 Fiber optic variants of Ethernet (that use SFP) are also very common in larger networks, offering high performance, better electrical isolation and longer distance (tens of kilometers with some versions).
6 In larger networks, the organization can be complex with many methods to avoid detection, including clandestine cell systems.
7 Since NetWare 3, the NetWare Link Services Protocol (NLSP) based on IS-IS is available, which is more suitable for larger networks.
8 Unsupervised pre-training and increased computing power from GPUs and distributed computing allowed the use of larger networks, particularly in image and visual recognition problems, which became known as "deep learning".
9 The connections between neurons can form neural pathways, neural circuits, and larger networks that generate an organism's perception of the world and determine its behavior.
10 Larger networks have complex topologies that can change rapidly, making the manual construction of routing tables unfeasible.
11 This prevents the technique being used in larger networks or over the Internet.
12 This is common where small networks are members of larger networks.
13 In addition to that, IS-IS is less "chatty" and can scale to support larger networks.
14 XNS added the concept of a network number, allowing larger networks to be constructed from multiple smaller ones, with routers controlling the flow of information between the networks.
15 Larger networks would have to be split into smaller networks, and bridged.
16 Two rings could be connected together by putting the bus IC's "back to back" in a switch, allowing for larger networks.
17 These features mean that link state algorithms scale better to larger networks.
18 Ethnic Chinese businesses persisted, owing to their integration into larger networks throughout Southeast Asia, and their dominance continued despite continuous state and private efforts to encourage the growth of indigenous capital.
19 and campus networks like the one at Princeton were, in turn, linked to larger networks such as BITNET and the Internet.) JSTOR was initiated in 1995 at seven different library sites, and originally encompassed ten economics and history journals.
20 The show was purportedly cancelled after 52 episodes because at that time, many independent production companies were being taken over by larger networks, who wanted to produce their own content.
21 This became the key to Novell's performance while also allowing larger networks to be built.
22 many are formally or informally linked and constitute larger networks or federations.
23 More than 40 EAP-methods exist, the most common are: Complex protocols used in larger networks for verifying the user (Authentication), controlling access to server data (Authorization) and monitoring network resources and information needed for billing of services (Accounting).
24 The following table summarizes the optimality results for small networks for which the optimal depth is known: For larger networks neither the optimal depth nor the optimal size are currently known.