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No. sentence
1 A second destabilizing mechanism is Ostwald ripening, also known as coarsening or disproportionation, whereby gas diffuses from smaller to larger bubbles.
2 It was a late autumn evening with few pale stars and a moon no larger than the paring of a finger-nail.
3 smaller than a chef knife and larger than a paring knife, usually with about a 6 inch blade.
4 But the larger reason we're ignoring climate change is that Al Gore was right: This truth is just too inconvenient.
5 you do when you realize the larger body you inhabit has gotten off track?
6 We lost to a larger firm.
7 Mirror, migrate, or restore to a different, larger disk.
8 Bookish parents read more to their children, use a larger vocabulary when they talk to them and prod them to do their homework.
9 With it, you can have much larger template systems while you reduce the complexity of each template.
10 Regardless of your partitioning decision, make sure you follow the "Creating a disklabel" section step by step, with the only deviation being to create larger /usr and /home partitions, if you desire.
11 These pathways all talk to each other. You can think of them not as separate, but as part of a larger network of pathways that are communicating and working in concert.
12 Structures and tissues change more when denuded part of the bone is larger.
13 The banks have balked at taking a larger haircut, but the threat of a hard default may scare them into accepting a greater loss.
14 The intent is to reach a much larger audience than the company currently reaches with its higher-end boxed software products.
15 It's like a single IM conversation -a small part of a larger conversation and a larger history.
16 Along this arc, the value of alpha changes smoothly, being smaller in one direction and larger in the other.
17 Teachers rarely point out that these systems are plucked from a far larger set of systems that are mostly nowhere near so tractable.
18 Larger ships will be able to navigate the river after the main channel is deepened.
19 Most centerboard boats can be trailered and easily launched and hauled out on boat ramps (larger centerboard boats may require deeper ramps).
20 Among them, a larger and more comfortable break room where employees can go unwind, longer extensions on overdue projects, and the option of working from home on Fridays and possibly also Mondays.
21 But as the crisis grows in scope, the maths get worse; you have an ever larger pool of troubled economies relying on financing from an ever smaller pool of "safe" economies.
22 We are so eager to fill our homes, yet so disinterested in cleaning it out. As a result, we now require larger spaces, more storage space, and more clutter for the mind.
23 some men opt for slightly larger shirts in the summer so their necks and wrists stay cool.
24 Stoats are small and fierce and quick and feral; they kill by biting the necks of their prey; they are said to mesmerise their larger victims with a snake-like dance.
25 This means that larger projects can still be shown, but with limited memory the scrolling is not as responsive.
26 The Windows of larger buildings were smashed and the tile roofs of houses had crumbled to the ground, while old concrete-block walls were reduced to rubble.
27 Whereas animals such as elephants, dolphins, and whales have larger brains, humans have the most developed cerebrum.
28 As the ancestors of early humans turned to meat for sustenance, they were able to grow larger brains which in turn enabled them to make more sophisticated tools.
29 Each massive pyramid is but one part of a larger complex, including a palace, temples, solar boat pits, and other features.
30 We cut out holes in the center of larger trees, to make little huts, and built a large one out of large branches and twigs, upon a tree that had fallen down and was resting on another.