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largely in a sentence

121. This is due largely to budget;

122. Opinion was largely polarized.

123. Reviews were largely positive.

124. she was largely an autodidact.

125. was largely filmed in Arcadia.

126. This talk was largely bluster;

127. Vampires are largely solitary;

128. Enes' policies largely failed;

129. The dam was largely undamaged.

130. and run largely by volunteers.

131. Tools are largely traditional.

132. The story alters largely here;

133. This largely died out by 1900.

134. the poem is largely pastoral.

135. however, this largely failed.

136. Garrow was largely forgotten;

137. Marshall was largely a loner.

138. They are largely piscivorous.

139. largely upheld EPA's actions.

140. Doetsch is largely forgotten.

141. It is now largely demolished;

142. The terrain is largely hilly.

143. It was built largely in iron.

144. produced largely as a daycab.

145. Summits are largely forested.

146. Its fabric is largely intact.

147. He was largely self-educated.

148. It is largely disarticulated.

149. The forest is largely intact.

150. Crops were largely destroyed.