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1 Now this chart shows the vertical sequence of some of these alarms. This is largely on pressure, a pressure control programme.
2 Neuroscientists have long believed that the brain's so-called episodic memory circuits are largely involved in remembering past events or occurrences.
3 the largely denuded 25 hectares of the island were declared a nature preserve.
4 Many people thought that whatever Mr Bernheimer had paid for Colnaghi, it was too much for a largely denuded dealership.
5 In Libya, he noted, the church is a church of "presence and witness," made up largely of foreigners.
6 His theory was immediately ridiculed and largely dismissed.
7 They say their returns are based on skill, or “alpha”, but in fact their performance is largely derived from market movements.
8 Chasing Alpha”, again with a largely British bent, explains how the interplay between banks and investors ended up in an orgy of risk-taking.
9 Two countries, Georgia and Poland, bucked the trend of declining poverty, while in Lithuania, poverty was largely unchanged.
10 and again, the answer lies not in luck, nature, the strictures of this or that religion, or the plots of perfidious foreigners, but largely in the choices of rulers and ruled.
11 That year, the problem involved railroad bottlenecks in getting coal to power plants — an issue largely resolved with the subsequent investments in more rail lines.
12 Instant coffee is drunk all over the world, largely because its simplicity of use compared to other forms of coffee making.
13 Humans have mostly abandoned the grooming strategies of our chimp Cousins. So there's a good chance your scalp and the back of your head go largely unexamined.
14 Uncertainties in the future rate of (temperature) rise, stemming largely from the 'feedback' effects on water vapour and clouds, are topics of current research.
15 He had become famous largely for chronicling a Europe that had been swept away, and had spent a charmed life without a regular job, fed-as he liked to put it-like Elijah, by the ravens.
16 The code for this is written largely by volunteers rather than a single company.
17 That means the drop in oxygen will depend largely on how much more fossil fuel we burn.
18 Engineers told the New York Times that the forays onto the highways have been largely incident-free, apart from one bump when the car was reportedly hit from behind at a traffic light.
19 Asian countries, other than Japan, accumulated the surpluses largely by supplying cheap goods and services to the us.
20 The pump sensation you feel in the forearms is largely the result of accumulated lactic acid and restricted blood flow.
21 all of the countries were attracting large inflows of foreign capital, largely because markets believed that membership in the euro zone made Greek, Portuguese and Spanish bonds safe investments.
22 cuticles of most vascular plants are covered with a thin layer of largely hydrophobic constituents.
23 But investing largely on the basis of GDP is not without its risks.
24 The second reason why the list is filled with public figures is that, as I explained in the opening article in this series, my perspective is largely that of an outsider.
25 Though the heavy metal lead is largely gone from our gasoline and paint, it still lies insidiously below us in the ground and occasionally drifts through the air as dust.
26 While Erson has a largely straight congregation he is expecting to preside over a lot of gay marriages in the coming years.
27 There is a small Eurasian community consisting of Anglo-Burmese and Anglo-Indians (collectively known as ka-bya), but it has largely assimilated to the Bamar and Indian communities.
28 The young have all moved out. Many live two hours away in the coastal city of Xiamen, where they largely do menial work.
29 obesity epidemic' is largely ascribed to declines in physical activity and differences in food quality and eating habits.
30 The survivor had been working as a cashier in the hotel when the building collapsed, forcing him to dive under a desk. He said he subsisted largely on cola, beer and cookies.