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large tails in a sentence

1. Tadpoles have cartilaginous skeletons, gills for respiration (external gills at first, internal gills later), lateral line systems and large tails that they use for swimming.

2. However, though the relative fitness of males with large tails is higher than those without, the absolute fitness levels of all the members of the population (both male and female) is less than it would be if none of the peahens (or only a small number) had a preference for a longer or more colorful tail.

3. These savanna-adapted deer have relatively large antlers in proportion to their body size and large tails.

4. Lamproptera or dragontails, are small swallowtail butterflies with large tails found in the tropical and subtropical forests of Northeast India, and further East.

5. The fat-tailed sheep is a general type of domestic sheep known for their distinctive large tails and hindquarters.

6. The machine attaches at the Miina's signature "triple tail"(two large rabbit tails attached by a small rabbit tail in between.) Because the machine most likely come in pairs, they attach at the two large tails.

7. Red-crowned parakeet are green parrots with large tails.

8. The thick-bodied blue gropers have peg teeth, heavy scales, large tails and thick lips.

9. they are strong swimmers with large tails about two to three times as long as the body, and with the tip tapering to a point.

10. In the wild they cock and fan these large tails.

11. Two large "tails", made of galactic material gravitationally ejected during the merger, have formed outside the main galaxies.