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large gaps in a sentence

1. This led to large gaps between the winner and the number two.

2. There are large gaps in the knowledge of the earliest Swedish regents.

3. Lupinus polphyllus originally were of basic colours and had large gaps in the flowering spike.

4. these are suitable for bridging large gaps and for forming fillets.

5. There are three large gaps between the stories with adventures that have yet to be told.

6. Others have large gaps;

7. Finally, Sandy can glide over large gaps and destroy enemies and objects with her lasso.

8. All of the artifact shows large gaps and the rim of the scrolls is badly frayed.

9. Similarly, there are large gaps in their knowledge, especially relating to chemistry.

10. These can be used to cross large gaps.

11. The car can jump over large gaps to reach higher sections of the stage.

12. Jumping large gaps in the floor is tricky, and I died far too often doing this.

13. The Sunday service is infrequent (particularly in winter), with large gaps between trains.

14. In the 1970s it had only one handrail and large gaps between the slats.

15. There are large gaps in the chronology".

16. There are large gaps in the knowledge of the migratory movements of the Australian chats.

17. The bulk of the Partisan force slipped through large gaps in the ever-narrowing ring.

18. There are large gaps in human knowledge about African invertebrates.

19. Large gaps between them were only covered by motorised patrols.

20. Two theories have been put forward to explain why there are large gaps between the earthworks.

21. Even this suffers from large gaps, amounting to about a third of the original;

22. Dante is also able to dash across large gaps in Angel mode.

23. Whether the large gaps are real or result from insufficient sampling is unknown.

24. There are numerous holes in the fence, and large gaps where the fence was missing altogether.

25. Rayman later gains the ability to swing over large gaps using Purple Lums.

26. Large gaps require the use of donar nerve (autograft) or regenerative constructs for repair.

27. the other is the simple colonization of large gaps.

28. This led to large gaps between the winner and the number two.

29. Land based weather stations left large gaps;

30. Grenades had torn large gaps in the front entrance.