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No. sentence
1 Tom nibbled off a large piece of my apple.
2 She hauled her large box into the room.
3 The farm was so large that they subdivided it to sell.
4 Inside the reactor the large molecules are cracked into smaller molecules.
5 A large bird flew past us.
6 This restaurant often caters for large banquets.
7 Before sweeping the house she bound up her hair in a large handkerchief.
8 The shop was mobbed by a large crowd.
9 The firm is too small to contend against [with] large international companies.
10 He dissipated his large inheritance.
11 He made promises of a large reward.
12 A large number of people conglomerated round her.
13 The film drew in large crowds.
14 They have restocked the library shelves with large quantities of new books.
15 He clopped over to the reception counter in his large leather boots.
16 The advertisements for the concert fetched in large crowds.
17 The students were regimented into large groups for military training.
18 The glacier calved a large iceberg.
19 He painted four large canvases in two days.
20 Four large columns upheld the building's heavy roof.
21 A large rock jutted out little way into the water.
22 We have bought in large stocks of this material.
23 A large crowd of basketball fans pressed about the basketball star and asked him to sign for them.
24 If your new coat is too large, a tailor can alter it to fit you.
25 The large warehouse backs on to the river.
26 They deposited a large amount of money toward the purchase of the car.
27 A large crowd of customers swarmed before the counter.
28 Sort out the large from the small.
29 She holds a large integrated complex spread everywhere in the world.
30 The cake is made in a large bow.