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lanthanum in a sentence

1. Lanthanum is traditionally counted among the rare earth elements.

2. Relatively pure lanthanum metal was first isolated in 1923.

3. lanthanum itself is named after a word for "hidden."

4. Samarium can also be obtained by reducing its oxide with lanthanum.

5. Lanthanum tantalate (LaTaO4) contains isolated TaO4 tetrahedra.

6. The current TC record holder is lanthanum decahydride.

7. This version was higher in lanthanum and lower in neodymium.

8. Monazite is an important ore for thorium, lanthanum, and cerium.

9. Relatively pure lanthanum metal was first isolated in 1923.

10. Lanthanum(III) oxide is strongly basic.

11. Lanthanum is soft as well;

12. The abundance of lanthanum is greater, being about 35 ppm.

13. The term RaLa experiment is a contraction of Radioactive Lanthanum.

14. Mosander discovered lanthanum in 1838.

15. Single coated lanthanum glass.

16. Lanthanum strontium manganite exhibits colossal magnetoresistance.

17. It is an ore of lanthanum metal (bastnäsite), along with monazite.

18. Lanthanum carbonate is used in medicine as a phosphate binder.

19. Lanthanum oxide can be crystallized in several polymorphs.

20. Lanthanum oxide is used in optical materials;

21. Lanthanum carbide (LaC2) is a chemical compound.

22. It is a common salt of lanthanum which is mainly used in research.

23. Reduction with potassium gives metallic lanthanum.

24. A common example is the lanthanum fluoride electrode.

25. Lanthanum was used in this case.

26. In the "crossover" step, the lanthanum fluoride process was used.

27. the RaLa is a contraction of Radioactive Lanthanum.

28. Each test released a plume of dispersed radioactive lanthanum.

29. Bonding is ionic with lanthanum highly coordinated.

30. Lanthanum cobaltite is a perovskite with chemical formula LaCoO3.