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No. sentence
1 It took the farmer weeks to grub the stumps on his land.
2 This piece of land abuts on a street.
3 If you turn a deaf ear to my warnings, you'll land in trouble.
4 Three years ago they came here and ranched the mountainous dry land.
5 Their phones -- their land lines, at home or at the office -- could ring and ring.
6 Only the mighty God has the power on this dark land to lighten it.
7 we do this because we are encouraged to do this by virtue of the land in which we live and all that it stands for.
8 violent volcanic forces upheaved the land of the whole area.
9 Presently they came in sight of land; she saw lofty blue mountains, on which the white snow rested as if a flock of swans were lying upon them.
10 Rumors of a purchase had swirled through Dallas social circles for a year, but until now, Mrs. Bush firmly denied that her husband had purchased any Dallas land for post-presidency residence.
11 Because of the snow, the pilot had to land the plane at an airport in another city.
12 AT FIRST glance, the chances of peace between Arabs and Jews in the Holy Land look dimmer than ever.
13 To the Maasai it's the place where the land runs on forever, but beyond the protected core of this iconic landscape, the land is running out.
14 But unlike their wealthy neighbours, who come via high-end realtors, the Shinnecock Indian Nation say they are the children of a goddess who caused the land to form beneath her feet.
15 It's unfair to land the blame on him, because he was not on the scene of the crime at the moment.
16 The land behind our house was confiscated by the government.
17 Etymology: over England; from one land to another; into Ireland.
18 In India and most other parts of the world, land acquisition for large-scale projects is a very difficult and laborious process.
19 A man may claim that he owns land by inheritance or purchase from some other person.
20 the recession bites, a gastronomic indignity is nibbling its way through the land of fine dining: the humble sandwich.
21 With growing concern about the security of food supply and the signs of an emerging global land grab, the attraction of farmland as an investment is clear.
22 Was “empire” itself a matter of land and settlement or, as he thought, of ports and islands and trading opportunities?
23 Yunnan is a spectacular land of mountains, rivers and forests, with 25 tribal ethnic minorities making up more than a third of the population.
24 Moreover, algae might be grown on arid land and brackish water, so that fuel production would not compete with food production.
25 In return, US Sugar will hand over the land, with the right to lease most of it back for seven years.
26 Coffee, computer… within an hour the world beckoned in the shape of OzBus: a magical bus leaving London Bridge for a three-month adventure across 17 countries to the Land Down Under.
27 Bioenergy crops that compete with land and water for food production should not be grown in areas facing food security challenges, they emphasized.
28 Flotation collars are used to buoy space capsules that land in the sea.
29 This he ordained in Joseph for a testimony, when he went out through the land of Egypt: where I heard a language that I understood not.
30 But neither the Forest Service nor the Park Service can control what happens on private land at a bottleneck, nor on Bureau of land Management parcels within the drilling fields south of Pinedale.