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No. sentence
1 If your system lacks PCRE, the bundled code makes the build quick and easy.
2 That man lacks decision.
3 I should have been more of an equal and helped him hone his social skills, which I feel he still lacks," he says.
4 Yet India lacks any kind of vision.
5 market still lacks adequate infrastructure, such as accredited warehouses and assaying facilities.
6 However, this object lacks the methods needed for run-time role assignment and revocation.
7 The houses are probably standing only because the city lacks the funds to tear them down.
8 Above all, he lacks the morose frown and sagging chops of both Mr Fukuda and Mr Abe.
9 One reason the sea (unlike the land) is not covered with plants is that it lacks crucial nutrients—iron, in particular.
10 If a program were verbose and well behaved, it might be possible to simply run the program without privilege and have it complain about which privileges it lacks.
11 the other hand bloodstained Iraq still lacks the institutions and the habit of tolerance needed for its young democracy to work.
12 More specifically, it lacks tags to group all the data pertaining to a given product.
13 This sounds radical. But the commission lacks the courage of its conviction, arguing that ministries should be free to adopt this system or not, as they see fit.
14 Your natural color lacks the vibrancy of richer browns and virtually begs to be deepened.
15 What Mr Obama lacks is wise, detached counsel from outside his inner circle.
16 While he lacks a strong background in mathematics, colleagues say he has an instinctive grasp of balance sheets.
17 It lacks dates.
18 Although Africa is the world's second-largest continent, with an area three times that of Europe, its coastline south of the Sahara is about a fifth as long and lacks many good natural harbors.
19 But although it learns from a big body of data, it lacks the recursive qualities of spell-check and search.
20 She lacks the skill to accomplish this, but recognizes that an eagle can help her.
21 At present, the United States enjoys significant support among Nigerians, even though it lacks the capacity to have much impact on the 2011 elections.
22 What the town lacks in accommodations (”It doesn’t even have a five-star hotel,” one Gulf attorney complained) it makes up for in seafood; its oysters come from oil-free Washington State.
23 If someone lacks any friends, then that person is a stranger to all other guests.
24 He lacks personality.
25 He's clever but won't succeed because he lacks drive.
26 The existing focus model has been plagued by countless bugs and greatly lacks functionality, such as not being able to query which component currently has the focus.
27 Natalie Mayer, judge : With the wonderful natural light and the stunning landscape, this photograph is almost there … what it lacks for me is a little more thought in the composition.
28 Mr Abhisit lacks both influence and legitimacy. To earn both, he will need to face the voters.
29 Increasingly, utilities are doing just that, especially in densely populated Europe, which lacks wide open plots of land like the American Great Plains.
30 Or does your child do alright in school, but seems a bit bored or lacks enthusiasm for learning?