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No. sentence
1 I have just switched to the profession of a teacher and quite lack experience in teaching work.
2 If they are dependent on your energy of kindness and support to feel good, how will they ever face up to their own lack of kindness and support towards themselves?
3 The lack of a good education might disqualify you from some jobs.
4 Unless you are in a completely opinionbased philosophy class of some sort, you will not impress your professors with papers that show your lack of knowledge of the assigned readings.
5 I think it's the lack of purpose, the lack of depth in our work that leads us to chase ideas like a four hour workweek and autopilot income.
6 In Zhaotong, Yunnan province, tobacco crops have withered due to a lack of rainfall and soaring temperatures.
7 By contrast, Dali has never explicitly claimed to be utopia—but this low-key lack of self-promotion is the very reason many fans find it a paradise.
8 The school suspended for lack of finances.
9 Worse, they lack discipline because of the implicit guarantee.
10 Functional tools generally record your actions and allow you to enter data in specific fields, but they lack the ability to catch and interrogate the resultant event.
11 The lack of rain had parched the land.
12 My sister has been preaching at me again about my lack of neatness.
13 They charged the accident to the lack of experience.
14 One key problem is a lack of collaboration between academics and industry.
15 I noted above the lack of a physical keyboard, but this has attracted a lot of outside development effort.
16 She put his failure to lack of experience.
17 problem may be that you work at a career you aren’t passionate about, and you project this lack of passion to everyone you meet.
18 She died in one of the downstairs rooms, in a heavy walnut bed with a curtain, her gray head propped on a pillow yellow and moldy with age and lack of sunlight.
19 Many small plants in that country closed down for lack of fuel.
20 The lack of support of the flip-flop also causes pain in the tendons on the inside of the foot and lower leg. It can also lead to shin splints.
21 NYSE shareholders also lack the ability to call special meetings for board members.
22 is interesting to see that even animals that have contact with humans, like cats, have much smaller brains than dogs and horses because of their lack of sociality.
23 They lack adequate context as well.
24 The lack of message set definitions, which contain details of how messages should be rendered when converted to a bitstream, require that the data be contained in the logical tree.
25 On WHY the POOR SHOULD be HAPPY: "Nobody has the excuse of 'lack of money' for not being at peace and living in integrity," writes one survey respondent of his family, with a touch of bitterness.
26 They lack the force of conviction.
27 Good with heroes who lack armor and mana regeneration, it is more effective than a sobi mask for one person while the person has less than 34 intelligence.
28 Many objected to a lack of openness and the haste with which the amendments had been written by a faceless committee chosen by the equally faceless 19-man Supreme Military Council now ruling Egypt.
29 nation uses a series of complex, almost arbitrary, tests to select its elite, who learn to excel in exams and at certain set up tasks, but who also lack imagination and self-reflection.
30 lack of basic biological data on masked palm civets.