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labial teeth in a sentence

1. Others have specialised mouthparts consisting of a horny beak edged by several rows of labial teeth.

2. The tadpoles initially have three pairs of external gills and several rows of labial teeth.

3. They have wide caudal fins and two rows of labial teeth on the top of their mouths and four rows on the bottom.

4. With the help of the labial teeth the tadpoles contain in their mouths, the mouthparts are modified into sucking discs, to allow them to cling to substrates, and remain still while they are feeding.

5. The mouths of the tadpoles are made for suction to rocks, with labial teeth rows used for scraping algae and diatoms, unicellular algae with cells walls that contain silica, off of the rocks to which they are clinging.

6. The family is characterized by having a pectoral girdle that is firmisternal and tadpoles having a single row of labial teeth.

7. The oral disc is nearly terminal and bears finely serrate jaw sheaths and two anterior and three posterior rows of labial teeth.

8. The tadpole has neither an upper nor lower jaw sheath, but up to 17 rows of posterior labial teeth.

9. The calloused margins are whitish, while the base is white, with a large sinuous aperture with only traces of labial teeth.

10. The margins and the extremities are clearer, while the base is generally white, with a wide sinuous aperture and long labial teeth.

11. The base may be white, purple or cream and the wide and sinuous aperture shows long labial teeth.

12. The long and wide aperture shows about 15 teeth on the columellar and labial teeth.

13. The base of Macrocypraea zebra shell is pale brown and the long and narrow aperture usually bears long dark brown labial teeth.

14. The fine labial teeth are prominent, their color is white or pale brown, and they cross the entire base, with dark brown spaces in between.

15. Results 22 cases was completely successful with releasing cross bite and normal overbite of labial teeth.

16. You have experienced, then aftertaste, you will find a matter of fact, it is good. Like coffee, savored, and labial teeth Liuxiang.