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No. sentence
1 Any Kosovo Albanian leader perceived as giving a jot to Serbia will be labelled a traitor.
2 They add flavour and act as a preservative but they can be present even in foods you don't expect or are labelled in ways that you don't recognise.
3 Your correspondent spotted one labelled “Ron Paul #37” on his way to sample some of the excellent barbecued pork laid on by Mr Pawlenty.
4 For these views we have been labelled traitors; and if this be treachery, we wear that label proudly.
5 What would you think when the learner went quiet after you apparently administered a shock labelled on the board "Danger: Severe Shock"?
6 result, only the new brain cells that were born that day were labelled and thus the team could follow a cohort of new neurons over time.
7 Uefa President Michel Platini has labelled the Premier League's plans to stage an international round of fixtures as' comical '.
8 would have been different if McCurry Restaurant had offered items that were labelled the same as, or similar to, those sold by McDonald's; for example, McFish or McLamb.
9 Those that cannot prosper without subsidised funding-including, potentially, several big Banks labelled "viable" today-should gradually shrink or dismember themselves.
10 And thanks to an odd way of judging schools, more than 80% May be labelled as "failing" this year.
11 Like those studied by Professor Joan Freeman, I was labelled "gifted" while I was at primary school and have been aware of the tag ever since, though I have never viewed it as a hindrance.
12 Angela Forkin, a former nursery teacher from Wigan, said the Early Years Foundation Stage targets introduced last year had led to children being labelled "failures" before they started school.
13 He drank and smoked heavily and barricaded himself in a room in Stockholm that he had labelled the Silence room.
14 they would be the 'teacher and another person the' learner ', they sat in front of a machine with a number of dials labelled with steadily increasing voltages.
15 Planets orbiting stars beyond the sun are labelled merely with the name of the star and a suffix letter.
16 But these tradtonal chinese medicines aren't contraband medicines that International Olympic Committle Droping Control Center had la-belled.
17 Except for open raw material arriving directly from the field, only packed or sealed and la-belled products must be accepted for organic processing.
18 Mr Paul, who likes to bang on about sound money, invited children to fling themselves down a huge inflatable slope labelled “The Sliding Dollar”.
19 In products labelled as ETFs, at least 80% of the portfolio must comprise securities matching the fund's name.
20 Sequencing technology has come a long way since the Human Genome Project, but it still requires DNA to be copied millions of times, a step called amplification, and labelled with fluorescent tags.
21 To see which are active, RNA from cells under investigation is labelled with fluorescent dyes and is then poured over the array.
22 Even drinks labelled 'sugar free ', 'reduced sugar' or 'low sugar' can still contain enough sugar to cause damage to your teeth, and have the same acids as the standard carbonated drinks.
23 Many yoghurts are loaded with live bacteria, and labelled with claims that consuming these microorganisms can be good for your health.
24 However, we're still pleased to see that they aren't labelled in a bright, garish colour, keeping the overall design subtle.
25 ellipses represent coordination boundaries, with a number of activities labelled A0 through A5.
26 For the sake of clarity and coherence, it should not be possible to label a product as organic where it has to be labelled as containing GMOs, consisting of GMOs or produced from GMOs.
27 Volunteers in a U.S. study tended to label someone as white if they were dressed in a suit - even if the face had dark skin - and labelled someone black if they were dressed in working overalls.
28 The eatery's menu has a spiciness ranking, where the least spicy rating of food is labelled 'white'.
29 Christopher Hohn, who runs the fund, was labelled a "locust" for his aggressive tactics, and has since given up trying to change the company.
30 Obama bear market,” as conservative commentators have gleefully labelled it, has been blamed on two things: on the new president trying to do too much, and on his failure to do more.