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No. sentence
1 So no one knows what to expect.
2 His dad taught him since a young age, so he knows how to build a house, he can wire up any office, he can build a computer from nothing, and fix a car.
3 But nobody knows quite what to do.
4 No one yet knows how to design the software for that.
5 Who knows most says least.
6 He notices that they both exhibit some awkwardness when Eli's face comes up on the screen, but Kim quickly replies that she knows nothing about him.
7 He knows his limitations as a writer.
8 In Kanban systems, signals are passed to each phase so that each station knows to produce something specific for the next station to use.
9 But she knows not how they feel and she knows not what it means.
10 says the dongbula is "the soul of the Kazakh people." "My mother is illiterate, but she knows every word to 156 folk songs," Aalatengwula says.
11 God knows the whole story, and that's why he wants us to train ourselves to have an attitude of listening to Him.
12 the first “Why?” question you answer, you establish your own unique style of giving information, and your child knows from then on what to expect from you when he asks a question.
13 He knows dozens of local plants and their attributes.
14 All of it," she smiles. Then she mentions she knows a filmmaker who told her if she ever did tell her story, he'd like to make the movie.
15 Love lends its name to countless dealings which are attributed to it but of which it knows no more than the doge knows what goes on in Venice.
16 No one knows what the surprise at the next corner is, a snack bar with distinctive delicacies attracting continuous flows of customers?
17 No one knows how many Burmese live in Yunnan.
18 In others there is no stated uniform but every pupil knows that the dress stakes are high: they are judged not just by their brand of sweatpants but by precisely how low-slung they are.
19 He is a clever man who knows how to manipulate public opinion.
20 If you look at a kid who loves football, he knows every team in the world, he knows the top player of every team in the world, he knows how well they play.
21 Who knows if they won't live and work in Shanghai one day?
22 Any economist knows what to do: price water to reflect its value.
23 Then he or she knows what you need to learn.
24 Neither of them knows the secret.
25 He knows his Latin grammar indifferently, and cannot construe easily.
26 Peron's legacy "could awake all kinds of passions," he says. "Who knows if some madman will come and put a bullet in me?"
27 Even a child knows all this.
28 I'm all on my own whenever that happens, because no one around me knows my other world - or the kind of person I am in my other world.
29 day, no one knows who the Babushka Woman is or what she was doing there.
30 Governance is one of those terms which "everyone knows" until you try to reduce it to a few simple sentences.