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1 This is because we need similar skills and knowledge to support that product on each "code branch" — that is, that development activity related to each product version.
2 Leave a comment below and drop your knowledge with the rest of us!
3 Chinese geologists are pitting their knowledge, skill and modern technical equipment against nature in an effort to get more oil for their country.
4 One unfortunate conclusion of all this about making decisions and decisiveness as a leader is that very rarely you have a complete knowledge.
5 The printing press helped diffuse scientific knowledge.
6 Taking advantage of this product knowledge expands the value and role of our testers.
7 Unless you are in a completely opinionbased philosophy class of some sort, you will not impress your professors with papers that show your lack of knowledge of the assigned readings.
8 There's a lot of evidence that social learning, engaging, and sharing with others is a far more effective way of learning than simply chasing citations or raw knowledge acquisition.
9 testing discipline has experienced perhaps steadier growth in terms of knowledge acquisition, theory, and application than the others we've looked at.
10 Better History declares that 'it is by the acquisition and use of historical knowledge that historians are primarily judged' - but in reality that only makes a Mastermind contestant.
11 Free technical support is often available in the form of mailing list or newsgroup discussions; nevertheless some background research, knowledge or experience is often required.
12 you actually talking about your knowledge of them or are you talking about their own properties, essences etc.
13 's not the tree of knowledge, What is the significance of the fact that the Bible mentions both of these trees?
14 Neither do I, but only a hundred years ago this knowledge was as vital for an aristocrat as dancing and polite conversation.
15 It taught me how to change habits - and then I could apply that knowledge to the next habit change.
16 He has always been of the opinion that university students ought to have a wider range of knowledge.
17 At the bottom of the ladder we have only ignorance, and at the top we have knowledge.
18 Her knowledge fails to go very deep.
19 Note that manual installation process presupposes some knowledge of PEAR's package organization structure.
20 Note that manual installation presupposes some knowledge of PEAR's package organization structure.
21 But knowledge must be opened to all.
22 You can also obtain knowledge through practice.
23 Peeling off yet one more skin, we reveal the intellectual level (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) which tells us how the teacher decides what needs to be done and how it should be done.
24 This abstraction layer allows any operating system to run on the hardware without knowledge of any other guest operating system.
25 Philosophy is the scientific knowledge that summarizes the nature and society.
26 Without books and manuals and Shared knowledge we would never have had the advances in medicine, education, music, the arts, philosophy, politics, you name it.
27 There is no shame in gaining knowledge from mistakes - for you, or your boss.
28 you have no store of knowledge in your head to draw from, you cannot easily engage in discussions or make informed decisions.
29 These factors might include the end users? business knowledge, how well they can express themselves, or how much time they have for the interview.
30 this knowledge you should be able to read diagrams and create your own diagrams using the proper notation elements.