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No. sentence
1 She muddled all the different kinds of books together on one shelf.
2 In spite of all kinds of obstructions we succeeded in carrying most of our plans through.
3 I have got my hands full already with all kinds of work, and haven't got the time for any more.
4 So the event model provides a way of handling these kinds of problems.
5 The professor discoursed at length on how students from different language backgrounds make the same kinds of mistakes in the use of articles.
6 You're muddling up the different kinds of letters.
7 They planted different kinds of flowers in their garden.
8 However, the source may be dynamic and these kinds of solutions can become very expensive and complicated.
9 they looked for similar kinds of signals in human tears.
10 It's the sort of thing that we can put on a scale and prod with a stick and the biologists can study, presumably made up of various kinds of molecules, atoms and so forth.
11 We were hoping not only to identify things we should measure, but also how we should measure and analyze the data, and what kinds of experiments might be most appropriate.
12 In the past few years, a team of oceanographers studying the Arabian Sea has noticed that kinds of phytoplankton present during the Northeast (winter) Monsoon seem to be changing.
13 There are all kinds of Beijing snack. They are really delicious.
14 Journalists have to wrestle with whether, when, why and how they share these kinds of messages with the public.
15 At Gwangju there is an annual kimchi Festival where visitors can enjoy making kimchi and try all the various kinds of kimchi.
16 For anyone to assume that I have those kinds of views is uninformed.
17 Our chemistry teacher rears all kinds of birds.
18 the following, all of these these activity kinds are divided into groups.
19 So, in 1765, Parliament passed the Stamp act, which taxed more than forty kinds of business transactions in the colonies.
20 So some of their writings sound like they were reading basically good scripture but reading it through the eyes of certain kinds of philosophy.
21 Why does this seem the proper interpretation? To engage in these kinds of conversations?
22 Education comprehends the training of many kinds of ability.
23 They lived in all kinds of environments.
24 Some focused on grammar. They must understand all kinds of clauses.
25 The kinds of packaged organic foods that now fuel the category's growth, such as cookies, baked goods, and boxed meals, also benefit from a similar perception of healthfulness.
26 Peron's legacy "could awake all kinds of passions," he says. "Who knows if some madman will come and put a bullet in me?"
27 There areseveral kinds of stories, but only one difficult kind—the humorous.
28 However, an observation of irony, or an anecdote or short humorous story that makes a relevant point or introduces the topic and sets the theme are the kinds of openings that can work.
29 This equation is of some value for describing particles without spin-certain kinds of mesons-but does not apply at all to the electron.
30 Many believe that as time passed and matter cooled, more diverse kinds of atoms began to form, and they eventually condensed into the stars and galaxies of our present universe.