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No. sentence
1 He did it all out of kindness.
2 Your kindness quite abashed me.
3 Some day I will reciprocate your kindness to me.
4 If they are dependent on your energy of kindness and support to feel good, how will they ever face up to their own lack of kindness and support towards themselves?
5 But the poor dame had reason to repent of her kindness: she and her husband both took the fever, and died within a few days of each other.
6 She was a most generous woman, overflowing with the milk of human kindness.
7 It is the fight of a woman without any weapons, just her kindness and her mentality. She is very Gandhi like.
8 Both were directed at crushing the ultimate qualities of kindness and individuality.
9 At every touch of adversity they fellapart, each on his own; there was human pity and kindness, but not a trace ofcommunity spirit.
10 I can never repay you for your kindness.
11 Kindness is easily mistaken for love.
12 I cannot admit that there was on the whole anything in our behaviour or demeanour to have put us beyond the pale of human kindness.
13 Kindness motivated the action.
14 You can know yourself to be kind, but unless you do someone a kindness, you have nothing but an idea aboutyourself.
15 I'll never forget your kindness.
16 Dickens' classic tale of kindness, truth and virtue completely mucked up and ruined by having a member of the Blackadder family involved.
17 Instead of focusing on your wounded feelings, learn to look for the love, beauty and kindness around you,” Frederic says.
18 My dear Miss Catherine, 'I began, too vividly impressed by her recent kindness to break into a scold,' where have you been riding out at this hour?
19 Nowadays, many foreigners have become very suspicious of feisty peddlers or retailers, as they cannot tell whether their kindness is truly honest.
20 I looked into his eyes, I saw the same expression of kindness that Dad always had; Gilbert actually resembled Dad somehow.
21 If you treat people with kindness and make sure that your comments will never hurt or humiliate them, you can get away with saying just about anything.
22 It is the fight of a woman without any weapons, just her kindness and her mentality.
23 You told me my kindness would only push you to be more dependent on him, which afflicted the most pain on me, for I have become the catalyst between you two unexpectedly.
24 Thank you for your kindness.
25 You will be recompensed for your kindness.
26 We should repay his kindness.
27 human kindness in them unless they have the love for others.
28 The concept of kindness should resonate with your spiritual beliefs.
29 Life is hard for everyone, and it is for that reason that we should live our lives with kindness and compassion for everyone we encounter.
30 example of an unchanging rule is kindness.