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kinder in a sentence

61. However, recent historians have been kinder.

62. His customers called the store Kinder's Store.

63. then Anne Kinder Jones (1922-1992) in 1957.

64. Kinder Chocolate (Italian: Kinder Cioccolato;

65. unlike Mads, she is far kinder to Daniel;

66. The company is owned by Kinder Morgan, Inc.

67. It is owned by Kinder Morgan Energy Partners.

68. Gracie's parents, Jack and Clem, are kinder;

69. Other reviewers have been kinder, however;

70. Less partisan observers were not much kinder.

71. El Paso was acquired by Kinder Morgan in 2012.

72. Kinder was married to Diane Cecily Blackmer.

73. Kinder Lake. The Lake House Waterside Cafe.

74. Kirche, Küche und Kinder was written in 1979.

75. Ein Musikmärchen für Kinder ab 5 Jahren.

76. Ein Musikmärchen für Kinder ab 4 Jahren.

77. In 1995, the Kinder Day Care was established.

78. The school started with a kinder class in 1948.

79. Kinder was called upon to survey the route.

80. In the 2011 competition "Kinder zum Olymp!"

81. WAZ, Kinder Planen, March 13, Eseen Germany.

82. Kinder took seven years to write the book.

83. Be kinder than kindness itself to the elderly."

84. There are also a number of kinder gardens.

85. "Wir sind die Kinder vom Süderhof" (lit.

86. Kinder Houghton Tucker (25 August 1875 –

87. Kinder KZ processed up to 13,000 children.

88. It's racism's gentler, kinder little brother.

89. The entire highway is in Kinder, Allen Parish.

90. Ferrero launched Kinder Joy in Italy in 2001.